The Jihad Fighter On Scots Housing Benefit

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by eveyoz, Sep 19, 2007.

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  2. Regret? Remission?

    Im all for second chances, but where is the line?
  3. What the **** is that **** doing in our country. Who the **** granted him temporary asylum in the first place? Nothing has ever made me as cross as this.

    I cant believe our taxes pay for these people. We should hang the **** not put him up.
  4. I have to say he should be returned to the first point of entry on his route of asylum regardless of his i was brainwashed being remorseful isnt washing with me.
  5. When are the government going to listen to the people. It drives me to tears. We need to stop this immigration lark. **** the feelings of outsiders, lets think about our own countrymen,
  6. shoot him now !
  7. Bossdog, the horse has already gone mate. Not much point in shutting the gate now.

    I've always wondered why this island is considered the first "safe" country on the long, dusty roads of Europe. Something going on in Europe that isn't making the headlines? Like mass genocide, that everyone needs to escape from? Aliens? Triffids?

    Something that can't cross water, and therefore you are best off coming over here, perhaps?
  8. We always gob off about how we are a Christian country - the implication being that we are therefore a kinder and more civilised place than many Muslim countries. Well, now is our chance to prove it. The bloke has said that he was wrong and now supports NATO. Therefore the only real Christian response is to forgive, try to understand and provide help.

    It is, of course, perfectly understandable if people feel dis-inclined to do that but I would hope that those people won't rant about being a Christian country either.
  9. Understand and agree with the above points, but consider for a minute the power of the image given by this guy being allowed to stay.

    Taliban are recruited, see the error of their ways, want an "out", look at this guy and see that if they need to they can escape.

    Not saying that he should necesarily be housed in our country, but those that do want a way out should be able to run somewhere, otherwise they remain as enemy combatants as they have nowhere else to go.

    What did we do with German, Italian, Japanese etc defectors during WW2 or Soviet defectors during the cold war?

    Just a bit of food for thought.
  10. scum like this, who openly attack the servicemen and women of this country, and most likely civilian targets aswell, deserve only one thing......

    the fact he's mooching off my taxes, and most people on here's aswell, sickens me....

    send him back to afghanistan, preferably strapped to a big bomb

    scum like this deserve nothingless.

    shami chakribarti....please sod off.

    EDIT: to totally agree with JS33 and Bossdog.
  11. He is basically in this country on the strength of his story and all the incidents in that story are because " he says", so now we take the word of the Taliban ??

    As a member of the Taliban he made his own deal with the devil, deport the waste of skin and if they do happen to off him so what ??, I certainly wouldnt care a jot.

    This country is circling the drain .. :x
  12. As a plus of course, England is perpetually easy to reach. When the big earthquake hit Pakistan over a year ago, a reporter (live from the area) was saying that such was the devastation that it had taken them x hours to travel so far, and further progress was impossible. The next item was hundreds of refugees clearing customs at Manchester airport. They must have known a shortcut.
  13. FRANCE? 8)
  14. And now we have the "Scottish Afghan Society" as well ??, that sounds like a dog breeding club.

    Notice how he misses his wife, three daughters and two sons who, if he gets to stay, will no doubt be here sponging off us.

    On the plus side .. from his photo he doesnt exactly blend in with us Jocks does he ??, hopefully some chav will recognise him and get him filled in.