The Jeremy Kyle Show.

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by spike7451, Jan 15, 2010.

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  1. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

    It's Friday,I've been to see my very ill uncle, (asbestosis) had something to eat (fresh fish n' chips) & now enjoying a grouse & ginger while surfing ARRSE & reading my book (Brotherhood of War book3 by WEB Griffin) with Daisy the Cat asleep on my lap.
    In the background I have the TV on,not on a particular channel but on ITV2 & currently Kyle is on the TV.

    Listning to the drivel & seeing the state of some of his guest's,one wonders how can we,as a once great nation,have sunk so low?

    Does no one have any self respect anymore?
    Fair play one lad on now want's to join the army but is on ridodlyn,but the majority,imho,need the kindest treatment we can give them.

    A 9mil behind the ear!

    So.esteemed Arrse'rs,Which ARRSE member would replace Kyle & your remedy for todays 'yoof'?...
  2. I just found your thread, Spike, when I got in just now, after taking the dog out.

    I haven't seen Jeremy Kyle for years. But, if I rightly recall, although his programme is about chav lifestyles and values, he is far from their crusader. It always struck me that he told it to the scrotes "how it is", in the same way you or I might. I watched the last couple of minutes of today's programme, after seeing your thread. From what I saw, he doesn't seem to indulge them, but attempts to point them in a more useful direction.

    As to Kyle's replacement, this'll do me:

  3. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

    Dont watch it myself & you're right,he gave the lad a 'pc' wake up call with Greg.
  4. My bold.
    Don't watch it, but Mars seems about right.
  5. I watch it occasionally for the same reasons I will read a "problem page" in a rag. It makes my life look "rock-star" in comparison. Sad? Hell yes, but hey-ho.

  6. I seem to recall that he sits on a step and lectures miscreant of the day about "sorting his/her/their life out. In all the years he has been doing this, has noone got up and kicked him in the heid? And if so, where's the footage!
  7. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

    I reckon MDN or Fally would be a good sit in for Kyle...
  8. As sad as this is...We are the 51st state and all that that entails! The sense of Britishness has disappeared from our culture, to be replaced by a poor pseudo American copy. The lowlifes who appear on those shows degrade all of us, because they have no pride, dignity or decency. They should do us all a favour and kill themselves post haste, so we are not subjected to their eyebleedingly depraved existences!!! :x :twisted:
  9. Somebody who worked for my dad as a labourer was asked to go on the show. It would have been one of those "The kids definitely not mine" episodes. Part of the show included a DNA test.

    At first the labourer refused - he used not being able to get time off work as an excuse. Then he told if he took part, he could have £500, a night in a four star hotel, travel in a limousine, and an agency labourer to cover him for the day.

    The bloke seriously considered the idea and was going to accept at the prospect of £500 for a days work.

    It was at this point that my dad explained to him that the show would probably cost him significantly more than £500 in the longterm...
  10. How did they know to ask him i wonder?...Sounds more like this bod volunteered to go on, in the hope of getting wedge to match his averice! Your dad being a right thinking person, advised him of the pitfalls and saved him from the ignominy of his own stupidity. The reason we have these shameful programmes, is because some verminous people are prepared to wash their dirty linen in the public forum for 500 quid, and sell their souls for even less! Meanwhile the throbber Kyle is raking in the money at their expense, and encouraging others to do the same! No wonder many people feel the country has gone to the dogs...It has if this is the sort of citizenry we have to tolerate!!!!
  11. how right you are, only hope they take Kyle with them when they do. Their children should be sterilised now to stop them breeding.
  12. Kyle is a cnut and is a total sh*t stiring TW*T
  13. yeah, thats what i thought, but click the linky and that monumental bolllocking he gave to those chavs was rather good.
  14. Agreed :x