The Jamie Carragher incident - a parable of our times?

I never quite got the 'spitting is the lowest of the low; I'd rather he'd broken my leg' stuff. At least if you only get gobbed on you can just hook them back.*

*I appreciate there are significant difficulties involved while driving.
Spraying bodily fluids on people is either a fetish or utterly vile.
Might as well just piss on someone.
A good friend and WO1 detested spitting, if he ever saw a soldier spitting he would make them wipe it up with their beret.
Then break their jaw. You're wet and smell a bit but they're having medical interventions.
It is one of those visceral things.
Spit on me and I will try and maim you.
Piss on me and I will try to kill you.
And I am a very placid bloke.
Again not necessarily.
Can you go back to cutting the red or blue wires?
Law students are even more pedantic than accountants.
As might you be if you catch Hepatitis C from where someone has spat in your face...
Hep A is the only one known to be transmitted in saliva. It's still clatty though.
Spitting (and sharing cigarettes) was a disciplinary offence at my last place of work - Tuberculosis isn't pretty, and those are some of the best ways of transmitting it. I believe that the rates in the UK have risen in recent years among incoming asylum seekers. Should be a crime in a public place.
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Spitting is fecking disgusting and IMHO the same as pi55ing on someone...he's a grown man FFS!

I'd have more respect if he had rammed the other other car off the road, dived out , grabbed the Dad by the lapels and said 'Now ooo's the cooont La? ...da's prorpah anger , da's is.......maybe he was upset about Doddy?

Pity ole Yosser weren't about

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Small point I know, but Bernard Hill is actually a Manc in real life.
And barrack room lawyers are irritating.
Do you mind. I am a fully bar room informed, google educated and "some bloke once told me" qualified QC.
HO advice was that Hep C could be transmitted through infected saliva. IIRC, an infected individual got five years for attacking a Police Officer and Crown Prosecutor in this manner.
HO advice was based on research that suggested it may be possible but massively unlikely,I lived with diagnosed hepC from Jan 92 until 2014 - I have read just about every paper and taken part in 2 clinical trials on it.
Both the relevant trusts say it's a no to transmission by saliva. The Hepatitis C Trust and NAT respond to spit hoods debate
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