The James twins retire


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exsniffer said:

The end of an era. I remember Jimmy as the SO2 Med at HQ Scotland/2 Div. I think driven would be a fair description. Anyone else with fond (or not so fond ) tales to tell?
Good report on Radio Scotland about them.

100years service between the pair, excellent work.
They are stars, and they represent all the very best things about the Army. I know I will miss Jimmy very much indeed.
I count myself as a good friend of Jimmie and worked with him on two separate postings to Scotland. Irascible, stubborn, gloriously outspoken and plenty more colourful descriptors apply to him. I learnt a great deal from him, and am proud to acknowledge that fact. He's a thoroughly decent man, concerned only with the job in hand and not his own advancement - quite the opposite of many of the academic, professional staff officers that seem to be everywhere nowadays.

As for missing him, I would not worry. Jimmie is not the sort to go away and hide under a rock!
I had the honour of serving with Ron in the late 80's, he was a great bloke.
Both good Tankies.. one a particularly good MSO and friend.
I reckon I'm best placed to have a view on both their roles, and they were good! Good Luck!
Jimmy James was the S/Sgt running the RAC PO Wing at Catterick in 1977 (RSDG) when I passed through. As a young and inexperienced RTR trooper I doubt I would have had the confidence to get through RCB and into RMAS without him.

His patience and understanding were fortunately limitless, and large number of future armoured Corps officers learnt from him just how good a cavalry S/NCO could be; he made such an impression I can't even remember now if there was even an officer commanding the wing! He certainly provided a very high benchmark for my own NCO's and WO's to live up to.

His brother was serving in a RSDG Sabre Sqn at the same time, IIRC; only met him a few times later on, but he was obviously made of the same stuff. May they both have a happy and fulfilling retirement.
Jimmy James top man.


His brother was serving in a RSDG Sabre Sqn at the same time,
You obviously forgot one of the first things he (Jimmy) taught me as a PO, its Scots DG, not RSDG you ..........

Agree with everything else you say about the two of them, kept bumping into Jimmy during the rest of his career.

Yes there was an officer commanding the PO wing when I was there, met him again last year at my son's school parents/teacher assessment, my son and daughter were in the same year at school and good friends.

Strange small world we live in.
Jimmie (he signs with an ie) - a legend and a true friend.......... I owe him.
Ron James........................

Mad as a fish, superb fela and my old OC!

I could never get my head round a bloke who after 30 years (at the time) in green still turned into work ever morning at 6.30am!

I recall I was in his office with another bod marking maps. He had a picture on the wall full of top brass, red collar flashes, gold trimmed hats and the whole nine yards. He (as a WO1) was sat in the front row center surrounded by all these Generals and such. He looks up and "Point to one of those men in that picture", I duly pointed to one in a bemused fashion. "General Sir ............................ Formerly of the RTR, served in Aden, Northern Ireland (Blah, Blah, Blah)............ DFC AFC GSM VC MM and bar, married 1969 to Jennifer, 2 children Crispin and Pollyanna, currently resides in Surrey. Point to another"! I swear to god, he seemed to know the life history of every single bloke in the picture. He finished with "Its all in the detail! Know everything about the men you serve with, even the ones above you but more importantly the ones you command"!

A true character if ever there was! A model professional and even as an old man 'ex ranker major' he could shame many a young Airtrooper on PT!

Also his bollockings.......................... I got caught in an out of bounds bar. Monday morning I was infront of him, 20 years later my ears are still ringing!

God bless Ron................................ The Army and indeed all in the AAC will truely miss you! A sad loss to the Army...........................
Great that they can both tell you all this information about soldiers and the like....ask them what they had for tea last night! I am sure their answers won't contain any detail!!!
I had the good fortune to work with Jimmy just before he left the SAM team. Thoroughly decent man with only the best interests of his soldiers in mind. He is missed by all who worked with him.

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