Discussion in 'Films, Music and All Things Artsy' started by menacingboots, Jan 7, 2009.

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  1. This is the modern world. Saw em yonks ago in 77 I think. Still a fecking good band to step back in time to.
  2. Listening to Strange town on my ipod coming to work this afternoon,still sounds fantastic.
    Almost as good as When Your Young or Down In The tube Station At Midnight.
  3. Saw them at Cornwall Coliseum on their farewell tour in '82 - epic!
  4. I saw The Jam 5 or 6 times during the reign. Two that stick in my mind are:-

    1) The Marquee, Wardour St, Nov 1979 to promote the release of "Eton Rifles", they played a secret gig as "John's Boys", John being Paul Weller's dad, blinding night, top music in such a small club, sweating my tits off, people who couldn't get tickets climbing in through the toilet windows.
    2) Final gig in Brighton, place was full of Jam fans, the encore lasted twice as long as the actual set and they still came back on for more, finally left around 01.00.

    Another group to see were Nine Below Zero, excellent R'n'B group fronted by Dennis "The Menace" Greaves.
  5. manged to see them when i was at school...Leeds Queens Hall, Solid Bond In Your Heart Tour...i think it was the one before the last one....82/83? Amazing experience! Gutted Weller went the way he did 8O
  6. My Dad had it on CONSTANTLY when on leave, the other half said "they sound like Madness" to which I duly replied "Im leaving you...." :D
    Absolutely love them there are some fantastic tribute bands as well, saw one in Halifax last year called "Sherman" and it was spot on, had the whole pub going mad !
    It's probably whats led me into a Weller "thing" though, the guy is mesmerising live and difficult to find fault with, just watch him on Jools Holland or any of the acoustic stuff on Youtube.
  7. I recently dug out an old Style Council compilation cd & gave it an airing. Then I put it back in it's box in the cellar where it belongs. Pretencious, arty farty b*llocks. To think he split the Jam up to make this pish. Still, his solo stuff is on the ball. Wild wood, awesome.
  8. Completely agreed with you till the Wildwood comment

    I have Strange Town as my SMS tone.

    The Jam were a seminal band, full of p1ss and vinegar


    The weird thing is that "Pretty Green" has been stuck in my head for a while now...
  9. Have to agree with you there, though, there are a couple of Style Council tracks I like, Walls Come Tumblin Down for one, I was into Motown and Soul. But the Caffe Blue album I brought was pants.

    Would you believe I sold a first edition, 'Setting Sons' album for £3 at a car boot sale after I brought the CD. I only learnt it's true value a while ago.
  10. The Style Council had one or two good tracks,but as The Jam were such a fantastic band;how could anyone really follow that?
    I bought the first three albums,and they are still in mint condition as I have hardly ever played them.Caffe Blue was probably the best one out of the (4?) albums the released.What was that f ucking horendous rapping track,Dropping Bombs On The White House? I bet Paul is proud of that one!

    Oh aye, another class Jam track.......To Be Somone. Brill.
  11. I had high hopes for the TSC (remember that on their record sleeves? 8) ) "Headstart For Happiness" and "Speak Like A Child" were good...."Long Hot Summer" started the downhill trend........and what about "Money-Go-Round"? :roll: I even bought stuff by DC Lee and Tracie hehehe....i also bought a single from one fof the Jams support bands too(The Questions-Price You Pay!!)...hahaha :D can't believe i can remember!!!

    "When You're Young" for me.....
    "The world is your oyster...but your future's a clam!"

    "Fire and Skill" 8)
  12. [quote="the_guru
    The weird thing is that "Pretty Green" has been stuck in my head for a while now...[/quote]

    Me too. Wasnt it used in an advert or re-released by someone about a year back?
  13. I was a Mod at the time and me and a few mates were in the Roundhouse Studios in Shepards Bush when they recorded Music For The Last Couple and Boy About Town for the Sound Effects album. Both tracks took about 2 hours to do and it was amazing to watch as Weller strove for perfection. The rest of the time was spent messing around with the boys. We got them to pose on our scooters with us for a photo session and one of my mates interviewed them for Patriotic fanzine. Weller was actually a very nice lad and went out of his way to see that we were ok, Buckler & Foxton were happy to sit back in the shadows, it was almost as if the fame was a bit overwhelming & slightly embarrassing.

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  14. Remember nagging my mum for a fish tail parker at 13 yrs old, to then hear my old man say "but its second hand, £20.00 for a second hand coat thats to big".
    Went to see From the Jam at the octagon in sheffield last years. The guy singing was spot on and it took me back to the summers of the 80`s.
    Although the sight of aging mods throwing beer at each other whilst bouncing around. Little soldier boy brought total silence to the place.
    Just got an IPOD and loaded up all the CDs, when your young on repeat at the moment. A mate of mine did some security for PW in europe and said he was up his own arrse, shame really most of my youth was spent listening to him and i still have the tape my brother did for me when i was off to gulf mk1 with the clash Rock the casbah as track one, then all my fave Jam tracks.