the "Jackie Chan" Paul Kaye sketch.

I was recently taking part in an OPTAG briefing and while we were being seated the stripey who was taking the brief put on this sketch. Its the one were Paul Kaye does the "windmilling". We were all in clip after watching it and I cant find it anywhere. Does anyone have it or know where I could get it?

It's a cracking sketch and you should still be able to get it on
under "Preparing Asia for the World cup".

If anyone hasn't seen it, it is well worth a look!

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I am in debt to you infinately. Cheers.
Right, you lot were helpful when I was looking for the paul kaye sketch, I need another clip. This one is of Stuart Macall falling of the top of a car píssed up in the mid eighties after conference promotion. Can anyone help?

(it's for alcohol and drug abuse ITD)
Legendary stuff! Never spilt a drop! Cheers mate.

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