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Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by King_of_the_Burpas, Nov 23, 2012.

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  1. Am in Venice (no Wellies required, FYI) and I see that the 'fleet' is in. The shore leave dress order seems to involve a calf-length cape, double breasted and finished off with nice boots and the usual 'hat'.

    It's very attractive, although the 'man bags' look a bit naff when balanced on a hipster mounted Beretta.

    The men look great as well.

    What struck me, from my perch on the edge of the Campo, was the way that the women on shore leave we're able to grasp the hands and indeed the hanging baskets of their 'other halves' and go out on the lash under the noses of their officers.

    It's all rather lovely. It reminded me of On The Town, but with an entirely female cast.

    I remember the Italians in Afg; mostly blerks but they struck me as being excellent, I must say.

    Does the Uniform undermine their ability to impress potential hostiles? Dunno. But the very thick ankles on display were enough to frighten me.

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  2. Did any of them look like this?

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  3. I met some lads from one of their Mountain Artillery regiments once. They seemed like top blokes and very professional.
  4. Ravers

    Ravers LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    On a long weekend in Rome I witnessed the Carbonaras busting some crims in a fashion that would make a Rio de Janeiro SWAT team look like PCSOs.

    The fact that they then made their exit in a convoy of very tasty Alfa Romeos at high speed, confounded my opinion that policing in the UK has somehow lost it's way.
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  5. BuggerAll

    BuggerAll LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    I was on an exercise recently. Amongst others there were shed loads of Italians ball very professional and well turned out.

    Their uniforms were all very stylish right down to the details - I really liked the tortoise shell buttons and the three ridges on the berets.

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  6. The happiest service people I ever saw in my life was a crowd of Marina Militare sailors on shore leave in Fremantle. They thought they'd died and gone to Italian heaven.

  7. Italians - the most important thing is the Bella Figura, doubly so for their uniformed chappies.

    I swear they must have full length mirrors in the accommodation and a gate fashionista to ensure such a uniformly high standard of turnout.
  8. Some years ago I had the pleasure if seeing 4 of ingerlands finest tell a landi load of Caribinieri to 'ferk orf' when told to stop drinking in public and bin their cans. Oh how the tears flowed:)
  9. Im working with two Italian PARAS this week and next .

    He is tiny thin and weighs about 5 stone all in.

    She looks like Uma Therman but much younger very fit .

    Both have over 40 jumps FinnAARR FinnAARRR.:)

    All round ok but no speeke da INGERLISH too muche.
  10. You know the of the said eyetie wench required.
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  11. Yet we only needed the one mirror by the guard room(Leaving more time to win wars and stuff). There have been one or two guard commanders I would have liked to address as 'Sgt Fashionista', but they had a different sense of humour to me.

    Italians eh!

    Red Dwarf's Cat - Looking Sharp - YouTube
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  12. I did a LRRPS course in the 90s and was teamed up with an Italian SF primo maresciallo.

    Always immaculately turned out, but surprisingly unfit.
  13. Got chatting to half a dozen Caribinieri at Talil Air Base in '06. They were togged out in what looked like number one blues with a red stripe down their trousers. Their uniforms had been perfectly tailored and the VERY hot women with them even had make-up expertly applied. In the middle of a shitty desert and they looked like they had just stepped out the pages of Vogue!
  14. Cold_Collation

    Cold_Collation LE Book Reviewer

    That made me laugh. Fremantle on a Sunday afternoon when all the Italian are out to promenade is a sight to behold. I assume it's not changed too much but when I was there in 1989 it was like a scene from West Side Story... some stunning looking girls, mind.