The Italian Military

Am in Venice (no Wellies required, FYI) and I see that the 'fleet' is in. The shore leave dress order seems to involve a calf-length cape, double breasted and finished off with nice boots and the usual 'hat'.

It's very attractive, although the 'man bags' look a bit naff when balanced on a hipster mounted Beretta.

The men look great as well.

What struck me, from my perch on the edge of the Campo, was the way that the women on shore leave we're able to grasp the hands and indeed the hanging baskets of their 'other halves' and go out on the lash under the noses of their officers.

It's all rather lovely. It reminded me of On The Town, but with an entirely female cast.

I remember the Italians in Afg; mostly blerks but they struck me as being excellent, I must say.

Does the Uniform undermine their ability to impress potential hostiles? Dunno. But the very thick ankles on display were enough to frighten me.

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