The issued Combat Assault Boot

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by django_strikes, Feb 7, 2008.

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  1. Right, I know that I have seen this back in the mists of time, it definitely appeared as a response in soldier magazine and a written explanation was given to the QM of my unit a while back but:

    What is the cold rating on the Combat Assault Boot, as issued to the British Army?

    I have a feeling that they are supposed to be good to -12C or something and so if it isn't going to get that cold, you don't get cold weather boots (in whatever form).

    Can anyone point me in the right direction for the official answer?

    Is there a technical specification list that says the rating?

  2. I Personally I reckon its about -1 lol

    Dunno where you will find out :)
  3. You're asking for a cold weather injury if you wear the standard issue boot at that temp. I wore Pro-boots when I did my Arctic survival course and it wasn't that cold for the majority of the course. I do know that all leather boots are useless at -40 deg though :D
  4. So what is your solution?
  5. BV 206.
  7. Its a combination of what boot and what sock.

    For the Combat Assault boot (CAB) the system also comprises of the normal temperate sock, the Arctic sock and the MVP sock.

    If memory serves the CAB with the temperate sock is rated down to -5. But remember that is to fight at -5 not to be very comfortable!

    Its also linked to training and terrain. ITC Catterick and some of the other Northern ITG units have funded the issue of the Cold Wet Weather boot and the Arctic sock because of an increasing number of non-freezing injuries to recruits.

    In short if you are working for extended periods at -12oc, or in cold wet environments, then there is a fair case for demanding the CWW boot or at the least Arctic socks. There will be no hard and fast rules as the variables are so different. Its the QMs job to challenge the system to issue appropriate clothing and footwear by writing up the case not to make arbitrary decisions which could result in unacceptable injuries.

    Yes there is a technical rating for all clothing and footwear. There is a series of NATO standards which the UK have adopted into something called a DEFSTAN (Defence Standards). The technical specification of an item must say something like 'must be capable of extended use in environmental category C0. I can find out what the CAB is rated to but will not be much and -5 is a good estimate.
  8. The weather rating of the assault boot will depend on what sock you're wearing, whether you are using insoles and if so what type, whether you are using a boot liner or MVP sock as well and whether its wet (because things conduct heat about 25x more effectively when they're wet).

    -12 seems a bit cold though. as they aren't the most leak-proof boots in the world, I'd be wearing something fleecey and Gore-tex at that temp.
  9. Dont laugh but a Unit near the south coast of England tried to demand Cold Weather Boots, Smocks and the like. Take it from me, they dont deploy any where and the furthest they go from the Unit lines is the vehicle park.....needless to say the Clothing Storeman got a supply response back stating "Special Forces Only". From that response, it wasnt just the run of the mill Cold Weather gear they were demanding!
  10. We asked for the cold weather boots a couple of years back, and were told there was no requirement for us to have them as we "weren't going to Norway," and 45 had demanded the lot.
    "Ah, but were still going somewhere cold!" we replied.
    "They're for Arctic use only!" came the smug response.
    "Well, we're going to the North Pole! That's in the Arctic, isn't it?"

    Despite the destination being genuine, we still didn't get our freeby boots, cheers Royal!