The Issue Black Deployment Bag

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by sixty_three, May 17, 2007.

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  1. Are they well made and worth getting hold of one ????
  2. If you're serving and you deploy, then you'll get one. If not, buy a suitcase.
  3. still got a 1948 issue kit bag...issued to me in Kuching 1963....great for keeping ya kit wet!!!!!
  4. They are, unbelievably, a very good piece of kit. Far better than the deployment issue black rucksack which, after first impressions, is actually rather sh1te.
  5. Mine is falling apart and i would never even think of buying one. But if your getting it issued then i guess its alright.

    Its no where near good enough to use in the field but its ok to use out in civvie street as they were meant to be used.

  6. I was issued one as part of my issued kit when I joined as a Recruit.....I'm after another one!
  7. wait, are you on about the black daysack or the massive holdall?

    If its the holdall then yes, its brilliant.

  8. Yes mate the large holdall which can convert into a Bergan
  9. Yep, the holdall. Awesome piece of kit. So......anyone know where I can pick up another one from?
  10. The QM/Clothing Store has them. Deploy somewhere and get one for free.
  11. iv got 3, 2 from deployments and one from someones diffy. and i dont use any of them much. good bit of kit, immediately IDs you as a squaddie tho so unless im in uniform i dont use it.
  12. I was in Doncaster Train Station the other week picking my son up from Harrogate and there must of been at least 20+ young lads with them
    All obviously from training. Must be watch and shoot, watch and shoot for the terrorists.
  13. sorry if it seemed as if i was getting on a high horse.

    where i currently am it pays to not ID yourself as a squaddie.

    i know alot of people do it but its not necissarily right is it?

    anyway... back to the thread.

    good bit of kit, can be a pain when transferred into bergan mode as it sits lower than your arrse and bounces
  14. I think you are stretching your interpretaion of the word 'bergan'. What you mean is converts into something you can carry on your back. But a bergan it ain't!
  15. chimera

    chimera LE Moderator

    Alternatively the terrorist can just stand outside the gate at Harrogate and have the same effect.

    We gave up "hiding" from terrorists in 1997 after the second PIRA ceasefire. We should be proud to serve, not ashamed.