The Issue Black Bag - Kit for Ops

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by sarcasmiskey, Feb 25, 2012.

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  1. So what are we issued with thats new then? all people seem to do is chanter about everything. i would just like to know as I'm trying to steer the young and daft in my Pl from buying all manner of shite for deploying!

    if i go to the QM's and as from a definitive list of the contents of the "black bag" its like I've asked for the secrets to time travel,

  2. I searched on dii for the word osprey and found the lists of what you are entitled to depending what role you do in theatre and if it is a new issue or for a second tour.
  3. That is just a generic list, the black bag is tailored to winter or summer deployment and also different if infantry or not.

    Like I said the current list for H16 is on dii and will change again for H17. The entitlement is also different for first timers or people on second or more tours as once you have been issued some of the items you can only exchange them not get issued it again. Unless you have lost it and this then goes under normal rules for losing kit.
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    I thought this deserved a thread of its own
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  5. If anyone can remember the Generation Game conveter belt, here goes:

    Eye defence (3 lens sunglasses)
    Goggles (3 lens)
    Knee pads
    3 x silk boxer shorts (tier 1)
    Flashy light thing that can't be seen that goes on the back of your helmet
    Leatherman and torch
    Yellow belt
    Ammo grab bag
    MTP Bergen cover
    2 x dummy glasses in cases
    Ear defence
    small flask
    2 prs deset boots
    baseball hat (wear it at your own peril)

    Can't remember rest, of course on top of this is all the uniform but I think that is separate to the black bag
  6. And If I deploy with my unit I will not get the same as you cause we don't get ammo grab bags or knee pads, Like I said it is different for the role. Uniform is part of the black bag for your first deployment then after that you are expected to exchange it if it is U/S for your next deployment.

    There was a study done of the black bag and they worked out that we were wasting a lot of money issueing the full list every time, so the items now are meant to go on your 1157 on first issue and then you are just issued what you have not got or what has changed. If for some reason you have not got the items, ether you have lost them or sold them you are expected to get P1954ed for them the same as any other peice of kit you are issued.
  7. It depends whether you're 1 2, 2a or 3 those helpful chaps at RTMC explained.

    3 means deploying out side the wire on a regular basis (like Inf or a PB) get

    Man bag (same as the hybrid cam model but MTP)
    Funky knee pads
    2 sets of Meindl/Lowa as well as Magnums.
    Mockingbird (flashy IR light thing on helmet)

    in addition to the rest of the swag.
  8. Interestingly that list refers to MTP shirts. So if it's a shirt I can wear it tucked in if im on camp then right?
  9. No you can wear it as the CGS tells you to.
  10. That list also says

    1x Desert shirt

    1x Desert trousers

    1x Desert smock

    2x Desert shorts

    So is way out of date and I would have a guess at when you got issued C95 MTP not PCS.
  11. Nice try
  12. Nothing about the new helmet camo (mpt strips that you tie to the elastic on your helmet cover )
  13. The problem is that every time a tour comes round all the kit has changed so you feel compelled to get the full issue again. I have 6 issued black bags full of kit that I'll never wear again.
  14. Ebay is your friend.
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