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Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by DIIBunnyRabbit, Mar 16, 2012.

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  1. I don't want to be a whistleblower so I can't give too much detail as I can be easily identified and there would no doubt be reprisals from the COC. More than anything else I just need vent and air this dirty laundry.There have been lots of instances of where I have been forced to do unauthorised changes to the DII infrastructure, moving terminals re-patching. Each time I say “it needs to go through Atlas change management” but get told just to do it by the FofS due to the cost ATLAS charges. Other things that have rub me up the wrong way - Restricted "standalone" laptops being used to process work information being connected directly to the internet. Not having any form of AV or firewall (new in post, would never dream of having unprotected / patched laptops leave my IS store), coming back in riddled with viruses and trojans and illegal downloaded movies! But with no formal SYSOPS signed or carriage certifications issued. Those responsible can’t be traced, if I wasn’t told to ignore these violations by the COC. I don't even have the tools (no software, licences etc) to rectify these issues.Other things that are really frustrating me, on more than once on my dig outs of the stores, I have found secret hard drives laying about unaccounted for in unsecured locations and had to hand them in to the 102 owner. The COC don't seem concerned at all, which in itself is a big concern. Unapproved use of cordless phones and other obvious security violations. All mentioned but ignored by the COC. The use of illegal unlicensed software on standalone machines... I can go on... I could technically lose my Microsoft Certifications for not reporting and being complicit with these software violations.I just feel like there is no where to turn to address my concerns, but from talking to my peers, this is common through out the MOD and other signal units and its getting worse! after 14 years, I need to vent!Do I have the moral courage to speak up risking isolation and reprisal and a shit CR or do I tow the party line and smile my way to a good CR and let the unprofessional cycle continue? Either way - the Signals is in a very bad place right now and its getting worse! SignedSgt XXXXXX
  2. BiscuitsAB

    BiscuitsAB LE Moderator

    Lets see the Corps has always been a bit of a corpse, so now't new there then. Did you put your panties on backwards this monging Sarge?

  3. You are the epitomy of a bleating hat **** who requires filling in.

    Please die, the easiest way of you accomplishing this is by attempting to complete a PFT in under 3 days.
  4. I understand where you are coming from but after 14 years if you don't answer yes to your own question then you should be asking other questions about yourself.
  5. Speak up and make sure something is done about it. If they give you a shit CR for it then redress it and make sure you have your say about it.
  6. I experienced this when I arrived at my previous unit. It was common practice to burn and 102 a secret cd and run it on another units machines. Took me 2 yrs to get eclypt laptops in. My present unit takes this sort of thing very seriously, nothing is unencrypted. And being caught out in any way isn't worth considering and generally involves some sort of pogrom until the culprit is found.
    CoC doesn't carry the risk, the CO does. I would send an email quoting 440 and relevant DINs and ensure that you receive a reply. Keep sending these emails until you get a reply and keep read receipts. Print it all off and keep it safe. If you don't have the evidence, it's going to be on your head.
    As for get getting one over Atlas, the robbing bastards, what's your problem? Also complaining about dodgy software on standalones weakens your story.
    Your CoC will use you as a scapegoat when it all goes wrong. Get your evidence now, especially from Supvr upwards ordering you not to follow current procedures.
  7. What unit, I want a laugh?
  8. You should send it to Soldier mag, the Brig will sort it out!
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  9. Yeah name and shame!
  10. Rubbish, they can't even tell you where all of their network equipment is.
  11. So what advice would you give?
  12. DII moves & repatching
    Costwise the start price is for up to 5 devices. So you can make a saving now and cover all moves to date. The price of anything on DII includes all costs including the wages of who the MoD is no longer paying 365 days a year.
    The money does not come out of individuals pockets, or unit funds. It comes out of the brigade/sites CIS budget. The financial authority can be looked up by entering your UIN in the DII catalogue.

    Do something about it or just carry on.

    Software/licences can be obtained easily, contact CIS, or if you can grab a contact with the address there is a web site within DII where you can source the AV software, burn to CD and install / clean up the machines.

    Restricted "standalone" laptops on the internet

    This can be legitimate, but has to have authority, security software, SYOPS etc

    Basic SYOPS can be written by virtually anyone from the JSPs, either just do it and hand it to those responsible to 'sign here' or consult the security section.

    Unprotected / patched laptops leave my IS store
    If they leave YOUR store then you have a responsibility to make sure they are legit, secure, documented etc. Take SYOPS & carriage documentation out of the JSPs
    The individual is responsible for using it in the way they are directed.
    Make sure they are not leaving a site without encryption

    Unaccounted secret HDs
    You have done the right thing in handing to the 102 owner.

    Unapproved cordless phones / unlicenced software / security violations

    I just feel like there is no where to turn to address my concerns, but from talking to my peers, this is common through out the MOD and other signal units and its getting worse!
    Do what you can / are responsible for first. If you are issuing kit, or are responsible for standalones then conduct informal software / virus audits, put on software you can obtain, either from the official online pool or if you have to install 'freeware' antivirus/firewalls. (These won't be 100% legit as the MoD are commercial so dont get freeware for free, but it looks better when you get to my next suggested stage of action)

    Next get a security team visit. This can be friendly or unfriendly.
    If you leave things how they are then it will at sometime result in an unfriendly visit, and CoC will have responsibility but you will be the fall guy.
  13. That's quite an aggressive response, not your dirty laundry being aired is it?
    Also the OP stated that his CoC aren't interested, can you suggest where he/she should go? Can't see the Padre being much cop on this one!