The Irish - putting homeowners rights first

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by maguire, Jul 21, 2010.

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  1. maguire

    maguire LE Book Reviewer

    Irish gun owners can now shoot intruders | Irish News | IrishCentral

    'Irish homeowners can now legally use guns to defend themselves if their homes are attacked under new legislation.

    The new home defense bill has moved the balance of rights back to the house owner if his home is broken into "where it should always have been", say top Irish police.

    The police association of superintendents and inspectors, the AGSI, stated that “the current situation, which legally demands a house owner retreat from an intruder, was intolerable". '

    (my underlining)

    so...the question is, why wont our police and CPS see it like that? not the guns, necessarily - but the right to defend yourself without getting *your* collar felt and tea and sympathy for the scrote who broke in??
  2. The new law allows "reasonable force" (obviously depends on the situation, judge and jury).
  3. "Where it should always have been" say top Irish Police.

    If our top plod werent so PC indoctrinated, they would likely say the same, and privately, many would agree.

    Or it could just be that Oirish bizzies are just lazy and would rather anybody else but them dealt with intruders, armed or otherwise.

    Reminds me of that scene in the Simpsons, when Chief Wiggum is showing the kids from Bart's school around the police station and the answer machine is getting a message from a bank manager pleading for help with a shootout at the bank.

    Wiggum says 'Jeezz.. Can't the citizens of this fair city take the law into their own hands just once in a while'
  4. So always keep a selection of knifes/iron bars/baseball bats ready to place into the hands of the dead body, just to give you the edge in a courtroom.
  5. Bravo Ireland.
  6. Contrary to popular opinion in the Daily Wail, you can use anything up to and including deadly force to defend yourself in the UK as long as you do so within your house and you have a reasonable case to justify the level of force you used.

    As the plod enters your gaff and finds a scrote lying in a big messy heap in your hall, just saying the following 'Officer, I was in fear on my life, I though he had a weapon and I acted instinctively' is all the defence you need and you're very unlikely to get charged.

    99% of people who end up being charged with belting a crim do so because they hang themselves with their own mouths/actions.


    Standing over a crim in the garden with a baseball bat and saying to Police, "I thought to myself, no way you thieving **** are you getting away - so chased him down the garden and twatted him' will get you in trouble even in America… thou shalt not nail a fleeing felon.

    If a clearly unarmed 5 foot nothing burglar is lying in your hall in daylight and it looks like a nasty get together with jack the ripper occurred, with your axe buried in his back along with 60 more axe cuts and you're a 6'10" bodybuilder… Police are going to suspect a bit of excessive violence occurred.
  7. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    Its easy to make a law which you know wont get used, the Paddies have since 1922 systematically disarmed the civilian population and even air pistols are licensed. Deer stalking (a legitimate hobby of mine) is almost impossible or at the very best damned difficult!
  8. Actually, I'd trace the disarmament of the population to the emergency legislation that had everyone hand in their firearms after Lord Mountbatten was assassinated. Never repealled. Someone challenged that four or five years ago and basically demanded his pistol back. The judge agreed, leading to a period of handgun ownership.

    As Ireland's brief window of allowing people to licence handguns has recently been shut by a government that would have you believe that criminals will thereby be disarmed, and the average Irish citizen has been brainwashed over the decades to believe that anyone who even looks at a firearm is a dangerous deranged lunatic, I'd not expect to see too many self-defence shootings arising from this.

    The court decision is based on common law rights, inherited directly from Britain so I would imagine the same situation already applies in the UK.

  9. You only have to 'retreat' where practicable. Obviously, if you're in the kitchen and you heat the front door being kicked in, it's 'practicable' for you to nip off out the back. Conversely, if you're in bed, it's not 'practicable' for you to jump out the window to beat a retreat. And if you had children in the house, it would neither be reasonable, or practicable, to expect you to retreat.

    A lot of people, and the Daily Wail, thinks the law requires you to retreat, but it's not so.
  10. If I'm not mistaken the Irish court has decided that common law dictates there is no obligation to retreat from your own house. As semper flexibilis says, appropriate force applies.
  11. Surely this can have nothing to do with the poor bloody country having perhaps the least popular governing elite in Christendom?

    Being legally enabled to shoot on sight the feckless few hundred nouvelle-gentry and their chums in Dáil Éireann who have royally fecked the rest of the population would be more like it, they all should be wearing burglar masks.
  12. If you are taking about English law then I am not aware of any requirement to 'retreat where practical'. I believe you can stand your ground and defend yourself and others and your property. Where you are on dodgy ground is attacking after a threat has evaporated.
  13. "If an injury has to be done to a man it should be so severe that his vengeance need not be feared." Heh, but not in the UK!
  14. Its quite simple really, put both barrells in the intruder/burgler/scumbag then put one in the ceiling. when the local boys arrive tell them you fired a warning shot (the ceiling)... but he continued to advance on me/my family/etc. I feared for my life and the lives of my nearest and dearest and then blasted the cnut to kingdom come. Simples.