the iraqis are getting a tad angry...oh well nice hair david

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by easy-wan-kenobi, Apr 4, 2004.

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  1. due to the yanks lifting some religeous bloke in iraq the locals have been attacking CF all over the gaff, the spams got a pasting up north and the spanish got into some fighting too although the british clashes didnt have as many casualties some stuff has been going on in downtown basra why is it not reported? i cant find it anywhere.

    why is it that david beckhams newest haircut is always more important than "our boys" getting attacked no matter how minor the incident is. the british army is only in the news if we f*ck up, die or get some bint preggers that we shouldnt have. is it time to look at the bigger picture? once upon a time britain was behind its army. is it too politically correct to support us?

    your veiws please
  2. I think that the British public are behind our Armed Forces, as a rule. :D

    But: newspapers exist to make money (and report news), and the prospect of a 'crowd pleaser' involving celebs, or a really juicy bit of Army scandal (see all papers ad infinitum) is a licence to print cash.

    I agree with your basic sentiments though - it is a tad frustrating when no-one seems to give a sh*t! :D

    PS Nice avatar!! Always good to see a fellow Star Wars freak!
  3. See where your coming from easy-wan but im not very good at stringing sentences together :lol: so...

    There are some links here as to what is happening at present but it seems the overseas news teams are picking up far more than ours are here. Im sure that the overwhelming majority of Britain IS behind its Army but feel the situation isnt being helped by this government in deploying already overstretched Army Personnel, to all other parts of the globe. Think a lot of people in the UK are of the opinion that if its "out of sight its out of mind" and as its not, at present, affecting their daily lives etc etc...... Things will change no doubt very soon and people with new haircuts in the news will surely be demoted to a very small paragraph on the TV guide.
    Kosovo is an example which seems to have been shoved to the back of the UK news agenda at the moment but it is happening and our guys and girls are out there.
    I did wonder, in view of the Madrid latest, how our Armed Forces could be called on to patrol our rail network as the Spanish have done. Can't be many left in the UK to do that at the moment surely???
  4. Thinking a little out of the box, a low public profile from tragic events (terrorsit attacks) is actually a good thing.

    It devalues the impact of such an event happening.

    Look at how the IRA switched targets from Military to Civilian. It became much harder for them to pull off a major incident and if they did the news only made page 7 of the Sun. Compare that with the attacks in London and the amount of civil damage and financial disruption and we have a major front page winner across all the tabliods.

    AQ on the other hand will go for the softest of targets. I believe there is very little chance of an AQ attack against a military base. It is more likely to see them target a MacDonalds on a Saturday lunch time when it is packed out. Well if you could predict AQ at all that is.

    So yes it is shameful to see our comrades make little impact in the news but looking at the big picture I think that puts us in a safer position.
  5. probably dont want to report on it cos it could be dangeroues how many dull patrols would you have to film just to get one rpg attack if it dosent hapen on film it dosent happen does it ?
  6. Incidentally, I recall no reports of the IED in Basra that last week injured three British Army including one who lost an eye.

    Did anyone else?
  7. the govt are probably trying to do the same as the septics, their govt stopped news teams from filming the repatriation of the dead from Iraq. Trying to prevent the calls of 'Bring our Boys* Home'
    (*and girls)
  8. I think that the BBC just don't have the coverage out there any more and that the situation is just not interesting enough for "war junkie" reporters to be there.

    Perhaps also that the BBC is relying on freelance/US networks for their input as it is cheaper. It is however a poor reflection on the BBC that they are only reporting local human interest stories, like 'Wrong way' driver sent to jail ", the standard of some small town newspaper.

    Remember that broadcasters pitch the average programme at a 14-15 yr old mentality, as this is seen to be the level of most adults in our community. IEDs and firefights are just to scary, whereas stories about football can be digested with your microwave meal in front of the tele!
  9. Well, it was on the front of all 4 serious newspapers yesterday - oh, all right then, 4 out of 5 if you count the Torygraph...
  10. I only read Private Eye these days...much more interesting, although it has meant that I've become much more cynical.

    Hmmmm....a cynic in the Army...who'd 'a believed it!! :D
  11. Still enjoying Sangar Bashing in Basra, Woody :wink: ?
  12. IMHO they don't report too much about the Brits in Basra to show it as if its peaceful. They don't want to upset wives in Aldershot and mums in Yorkshire too much and Blair can sneak in more troops without too much liberal concern. Especially after the orders package he will get from Dubya.
  13. In a bang-for-bucks scenario, it probably comes down to money - it would cost about £8,000 per person per day to keep a three-man news team on station in Iraq, not counting security, insurance etc (hire of body armour to the BBC currently runs at £1,000 per set per day!). The news companies only have so many deployable assets, as do we - they have to move them around to gain the best coverage.
    They also rely on 'stringers' - freelancers on a retainer to get footage where a staff phot couldn't get to the action. They may have their own agenda to push...
    Also a problem is that having a camera present may inflame the situation - we've all seen how the presence of a camera team can whip up a crowd into a frenzy - we all saw those poor bastard NGO's who got torched and then butchered - how much of the subsequent outrageous behaviour would have occurred had a film crew not been recording the event?

    Better to do our business away from the harsh glare of the electronic media - safer in the long run, I think.
  14. Mr Happy

    Mr Happy LE Moderator

    GBP 1000 per day for body armour??? Tish tosh. You can buy a decent set for less than that (in fact see the classified ads on this site for my stuff, guarenteed stops 7.62 or your money back).

    As for 8K a day, you'll find that probably includes the security team (circa around 4K per day for two vehicles & four guys).

    And insurance is around 10,000 GBP per person per month per million. This will probably include KRI up to a [low] multiple of that.

    Unless they're using pound notes to cook their meals on of course...