The (Iraqi) Great Escape

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by MrPVRd, Mar 26, 2005.

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  1. The Iraqi Great Escape. Perhaps they initially considered vaulting over a wooden camel whilst others were digging away underneath.

    Does anyone think they will "invent" an American character for the inevitable film, perhaps a baseball-chucking type that spends all his time in the cooler?

    From the BBC

  2. That's a bit harsh for digging a tunnel or two 8O
  3. Dubya is not quite as bad as Hitler, who shot almost fifty of ours.
  4. should we tell the yanks to watch out for chaps shaking a leg near the freshly dug vegetable patch too? :twisted:
  5. suddenly dickie Attenborough's interest in Iraqi issues becomes clearly understandable! Big X is on the case...
  6. If the Germans hadn't segregated Sagan in US and British compounds just before the breakout, some of the US diggers would have been amongst the 50.

    Maybe Major Lee would have been aware then? What are they teaching US Ofiicers nowadays, are they all unaware that Steve McQueen tried to jump a border fence on a motorbike? Shocking
  7. The MP's discovered the tunnel so they did their job. The tunnel kept the tango's occupied so that was also a good thing. They will no doubt try again. At least it wasnt a repeat of Koje-do.
  8. But if the MPs had watched "The Great Escape" every bank holiday like the Brits do the prisoners wouldn't have dug more than a few feet before being rumbled. Have they been warned about vaulting horses too ?