The Iranian arms industry - makes ours look good!

You've only gone and done it now, Jim-Lad.

Before you know it, BAeS will be touting around the Bell 206 "Andrex" Attack Helo and the "Boris-Bendy-Bus" AFV.

Prices and delivery dates very negotiable, natch.
The Durex missile would be better. At least that way when BAe **** us they won't make us pregnant.


Bloody hell, even the buses are in Purdah.



Easy to laugh at the Iranians, but when the IRGC fired a pair of Noor ASM's at INS Hanit off Beruit in 2006, they mission killed her and sank a merchant ship down range.

A lot of their gear is indeed shit, but they are arguably the most competent military outside the IDF in the region. Many of their Cadre of Staff Officers are Iran-Iraq war veterans, many trained in the US and UK.
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From what I've heard elsewhere, the Iranians have a lot of research bureaus attached to things like universities who come up with a lot of designs which they demonstrate but never get funding to put into production. There's a disconnect between R&D and actual needs because the researchers look at arms development as a way of getting money to work on cool engineering projects rather than as something that is useful in and of itself.

As for the particular weapons on display, the helicopter shown there is probably still better than what most countries have, which is either nothing or a machine gun pointing out of a side door.

The 23mm cannon and 7.62mm machine guns appear to be solutions looking for a problem. On the other hand, the history of firearms development has loads of similar questionable examples in other countries.

I compared the picture of the Fatih assault rifle to the picture of a Bushmaster ACR, and quite frankly I can't see any more resemblance between those two than there is to any other modern plastic rifle. If anything, it looks closer to an FN SCAR, but it's still not a knock-off of that either.

As for the armoured car, lightly armouring an off the shelf vehicle made in Iran isn't all that unusual or noteworthy. Iran has been making Land Rovers for their civilian market for years so using that as a base makes a lot of sense. They bought the production line from someone in another country who was partly owned by Land Rover and used to make the vehicle there. That's not the only time they bought an old production line, as some years ago I turned down the chance to go to Iran to get them up and running with an old but refurbished automotive production line they bought from us. I sometimes wonder what happened when they found out what a piece of old junk we sold them.
I love the minigun , looks like it would shake itself to pieces . And the 4x4 thing , its wheels would shatter the first time they had a knock .

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