The Interview

Just a quick question for you guys, im going to be having my interview within the next week or two and my recruitment officer isn't giving me many tips about what to expect, so im basically trying to memorise the job briefs for my top three career choices.

What kinda questions are asked?

Hopefully joining the Sigs, Sys Eng Tech.
Possibly not the right place for the post, but I'll indulge you anyway. I don't know how it was for everyone else, but though you were dressed smart it wasn't really a formal interview as such. By that I mean, most of the questions you were asked were about yourself, your family, your current job etc.

I spent hours memorising what my job briefs were, only to be asked just one question. I'd expect a few on your job choices though. Just be yourself and mind that you don't come across as a pleb and that should do it.
Firstly, make sure you are smart, clean shaven with polished shoes, if you have a suit wear it, if not wear your best kit. As for the questions asked, they ask pretty much anything that is relevant about you as an individual. The fact you are at least doing some research indicates you are keen and bodes well for you.

Be polite, be honest and be punctual. You are attending a job interview like any other so behave accordingly. The interview is designed to asses you not to fail you and the recruiter will not be trying to trip you up.
It would be unfair to tell you what questions you're gonna get as that would undermine the whole point of the interview but you really dont need to worry about them providing you are not a complete scrote. If you are a complete scrote, why not enquire about becoming an officer?

Good luck with the interview.
Oh yes, turn up at least 5 minutes early. The Army seem to like that one.
Rowums said:
Oh yes, turn up at least 5 minutes early. The Army seem to like that one.
Then turn up again and again, at 2-hourly intervals, dressed in entirely different clothing each time. They like that, too.

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