The internet - you never can tell!!

Discussion in 'Now That's What I Call NAAFI Bar' started by Cait, Jun 11, 2007.

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  1. Gotcha!

    Tonight I was pm'd by another arrser clearly on the prowl for some lady loving.

    It was too good to be true, a perfect stitch in the making..... one quick pm to MDN and a new MSN login and we were cooking with gas.....

    Que phone call from all 6ft 3inch of manly MDN in his broadest lancashire accent :D :D :D :D

    So errr Meiktilaman..... still up for this threesome???
  2. Meiktilaman,

    Let us know what MDN tastes like!

  3. I thought this was a fuck up until you outed it at the bottom.

    Meik mate, bad luck!
  4. I dropped Mr Mektilaman a line after speaking to him on MSN for twenty minutes (I'll keep the piccies for my own use if thats ok :D)

    He answered the phone

    MDN: Hiya is that John?
    M/man: Yeah
    MDN: Hiya its Cait
    shocked M/Man: I thought you were a lady
    MDN: with a name like caitlin why would you think that
    M/Man: I just thought it was
    MDN THis is going in the NAAFI
    M/Man silence...........

    I hoped he'd offer to lick my man cnut, especially after saying I was a honey
  5. I am fucking crying with laughter here. Honestly. Its almost as good as Mike Golden.
  6. One new username coming up :D
    That has got to be one of the funniest things on here in a long time.
    Meik, fcuking hard luck mate :D
  7. Fugly

    Fugly LE DirtyBAT

    Ah, the perils of lording your penis about on MSN.

    Someday, you're going to get it bitten off!
  8. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    Very funny. ooooh Meik, sweetie, how on earth did you get the little fellah stuck in that hoover pipe then eh, wot with all these people arriving too!
  9. Oh dear..... :D :D :D

    MM, I bet you're regretting this now!
  10. Not wanting to further stitch this chap, but he did send a camera phone picture of himself, with his top off holding the camera aloft in his left end and posing like a pouty $10 rent boy
  11. MM must have a temporary lack of reason to risk vying for lust on this site. It's tantamount to tap dancing in a minefield :lol:

  12. One of the funniest things i've read in a long time ...
    Good on yer cait i like yourstyle
  13. MDN

    Please's cruel to tease, upload it lets have a look!!!
  14. That is superb, well done Cait and MDN. Tears in the eyes from laughing :D
  15. Cait,

    You are a hard woman. Probably broken his ickle heart in pieces. By now his ardour has cooled faster than Browns popularity :lol:

    By the way are you free for some medic love soon??