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Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Krieg-Hammer, Feb 7, 2012.

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  1. It's not one of the Fricker fan club off here, is it?
  2. I liked the part where they said this was a new phenomenon. Besides all this, there will always be elements of humanity who are dicks. Some of them with intent to hurt, others "for a laugh", not realising some people have no/ a different sense of humour. If it's that big a deal make your pages private and don't go looking for the ones they set up. Simple.
  3. Ive been trolling on Arrse for years, but with the site full of other trolls, I seem to be just a normal person :(

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  4. I heard about this one bunch of cnuts who heard about some chav scumbag writing himself off in a stolen car.
    They signed onto his memorial page and asked if there was any news about the tree.

    It was definitely an ARRSE high point.
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  5. *********.... Could give a chap a bad name if he wasn't careful!
  6. So there's me clicking the link and hoping that some bloke called Jim from the Valleys finally gets the publicity he craves.
  7. Trolling is something which I doubt will ever really be stopped as like the ignorant twat on the video said, the majority of the trolling isn't illegal but instead just disrespectly and disgusting.

    The occasional vigilante giving these RIP Trolls a good kicking could be condoned in my eyes, I might even offer to buy them a pint.
  8. BBC confirms that 28% of people are soft gits scared of someone on the internetz and don't know how to use the 'IGNORE' function on Chavbook.
  9. RIP trolling Chav car thieves is the best fun you can have with your clothes on.

  10. Perhaps some of them are people who don't have the balls to confront people, however some of these 28% will be in a position where they are unable to really do anything i.e. Individuals being collectively bullied by groups or persons older than them (the latter point only applies to young school-children). There will also be people with challenging backgrounds such as family depression or like in the attached video, those who are greaving and find themselves unable to deal with the additional pressures applied by these cnuts.
  11. True. However the bit of the programme I saw featured a young girl being "bullied". The family was even having pzzas etc delivered to their home. You can't just "ignore" that.
  12. Yeah I'm not keen on pizza either.
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  13. If people are too stupid to work out how to use privacy settings on Chavbook, they get zero sympathy from me. And as for 'vulnerable'? Do they get a comfort blanky when they leave the house in case someone says or they see 'something 'hurtful'? And if not, why isn't the BBC campaigning for mandatory comfort blankys?
    And kids? Well here's a really daring concept. Perhaps the parents should take some responsibility and stop their young kids spattering their entire lives online along with real names, DOB's, adresses and phone numbers with zero privacy controls?

    To quote the wise words … 'It's just the internet'.
  14. This may be very much the case with a lot of people, but when these soft gits are being hounded across more than one internet forum and it also spills into threats in real life then what do you suggest? Switching the computer off is easy but cutting off landline, mobile phone and moving house is not so convenient.

    Internet bullies and trolls are just weak pathetic people hiding behind harsh font and the "I know everything about you" power trip. In real life they are sad little people with sad little existences.