The Interceptors-squaddie nicked!

Just watching this on C5,The cops pulled over a Blue Pugouet Estate driven by a lad called Kieran who produced an MoD90 as his ID. (on a close up you could see 'ARMY' written on the ID in the coppers hand.Anyway,it turns out this lad was not the coppers original target but was himself a banned driver & therefore uninsured.
He got 3 months in the nick,fined & banned again.So I was wondering what 'impact' would this have on his Army career?
Would he be kicked out for bringing the Army into disrepute?
When a "mate" of mine went to court, "he" was told that if you end up in civvy nick then you get booted out of the Army. Luckily my "mate" got a suspended sentace and a small fine because what he did was so stupid it made the judge laugh.

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