The intelligent Squaddie

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by kaiser, Feb 23, 2010.

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  1. Was outside having a fag, when a young sapper came up to me and said, Hey you got a van havent you.
    Yes i replied.
    Could you give me a lift home with this new Plasma Telly coz it wont fit in me boot.
    Ok says I.
    We are on the way and i said, thats a big bloody telly, footies on tonight, you better get it connected up.
    Cant do that he says, i gotta go down town tomorrow, to get 3 litres of Plasma and fill it first.
    Me best mate says they dont fill it when you buy it because of the danger of it exploding.
    Oh says I.
    3 Days later i see the same young Sapper, hows the telly i says, still not working he says, i went to the telly shop but they were sold out of Plasma, so the salesman told me to ask at the hospital.
    When i went there they said they need all their Plasma for the patients.
    Tell you what he says its a bugger getting hold of some.
    Try Ebay isays and walked away p**sing myself
  2. And my name's Joe Soap the Magic Bubble Dancer...
  3. That never happened did it?

  4. I booked you for a stag do and you didnt turn up you cnut, I want my £20 back.

    Re the thread, bollocks.
  5. You've more chance of plaiting diarrhoea than getting that £20 back my old spunk bubble.
  6. The fucking chimpanzee who started this thread would do well to write a coherent sentence with some proper grammar in it before taking the piss out of soldiers.

    I imagine she's a wannabe cadet instr. who failed the personality test.
  7. 2/10. Poor work - more effort required. See me.
  8. Ho, ho ..... ho! =(
  9. Top feckin windup that, getting the salesman and the hospital involved too, just brilliant :roll:
  10. Step away from the crack pipe. Its making you think you are credable.
  11. Bit richcoming from you tatty badger 8O
  12. So they don't need filling with plasma? I've learnt something today.
  13. Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah
  14. I thought the pun between plasma (power) and plasma (blood fluid) was rather genius... I saw what he did there ;)
  15. the scary thing is, this could well possibly be true, there are plenty of F**k wits out there lol