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8O What is the world coming to? A mate of mine has told me that "serving blerk" has 'encouraged' a SNCO to leave his TA unit so that he can get engaged to her. 8O

Its a TA unit but the bloke in question is a regular soldier; the rumour mill has been churning a bit about the possiblity of him kn$bbing her then all of a sudden she left the unit. obviously fuel on the fire my tea's a salad, job done. Next thing you know they're engaged.

Call me unprofessional but when I last served in a TA unit, the first thing I got told me was 'NO S*a*g*ng THE TA', it's a golden rule that should be observed at all units. This sort of thing would stop a JNCO/SNCO career dead in it's tracks if caught but it does appear to be one thing for the officers and another for the rankers in this case.

Diabolical in my opinion. Opinions from others on this matter would be greatly appreciated.


The skinner

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If they are both single, not in each others reporting chain and the situation passes the service test there should not be an issue. Of course if she has massive chesticles and goes like a belt fed mortar none of the above counts.
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Barrel of laughs.

I've seen it before and to be quite honest I've known Reg's to be S*a*g*ng TA before as well!

If she's already left to follow a career path then decided to come back but didn't quite make it because of a different commitment then she left to follow career paths.... simple as!
Does it pass The Service Test:

“Have the actions or behaviour of an individual adversely impacted or are they likely to impact on the efficiency or operational effectiveness of the Army?”
Frankly, no amount of speculation and fuel-on-fire type comments are going to answer this for this particular case. However, in my opinion, the original post DOES NOT pass the service test because it is clearly a deliberate attempt to cast slur and innuendo on someone who has been described as a serving Officer - and the title is clearly designed to implicate all LE Officers by association.

For what it's worth, a very good friend of mine resigned his Commission because his actions failed the Service Test, as did the young lady who he was "failing it with". That was a lifestyle choice they made and I still count them as friends, not least because of the way they conducted themselves when their actions became public knowledge. He was Gp A - not LE.
It's not just a RSigs thing (as if you didn't know and it makes it different).

We have in the RLC, a bizarre situation where the Officer who outed a soldier to smk scr his antics is ignoring his first wife and the maint, preaching Moral Understanding ITD to the mates of the bloke whose wife he ran off with whilst he was on tour and the soldier is no longer a WO.

All regular Army, but to go back to the first post if she left the TA, whether forced or not, then she's not a soldier and they are free to continue. She may have left purely so they could be together after a sensible discussion - some people are capable of it!

All you can preach is caution........ :wink:
theskintskinner said:
Call me unprofessional but when I last served in a TA unit, the first thing I got told me was 'NO S*a*g*ng THE TA', it's a golden rule that should be observed at all units.
I think thats the ideal but the regular army would be destroyed if that was the rule - I can't count the number of PSI's that have married a TA soldier on one hand (inc. several that went on to become RSM's).

However my (TA) Sqn has lost a large number of TA soldiers due to relationships, its a pity as they were normally the better soldiers and those sh*gg*ng everything that moves (one night stands etc) get away scot free.
I am not supprised that nearly all these responses are from blokes! In defence of the female, i beleive she did the decent thing by leaving prior to the affair becoming public, However there has been cases in the very recent past, when a regular attached to a TA unit, blatently had an open affair with a female in my unit - who was in a very long term relationship with a SNCO in the same unit - subsequentley, the SNCO left the TA altogether - and the affair which should have been squashed continued and they have now married. I realise that love canhappen anytime - however i agree that certain taboos should be adhered to, s*a*ging around in your own squadron is not acceptable - and seniors should take a stand on this!
Any way all fair in love and war!!
I think we are missing a trick here. We could kill two birds with one stone.

Advertise the TA as a Part-Time Military organisation, able to develop your personal skills while defending the country and supporting the Regular Army AND as a dating club.

You'd get all the usual recruits turning up, but this time you'd attract the local singlies as well.
Its suggestions like these that bring the TA into a poor light! In stead of laughing about the mess, and having a giggle about the antics that carry on in full view for all to see, we should be working towards promoting a positive image. We have enough problems with the ARABS of this world thinking we are just a drinking club, without us telling them its true! It may well be that younger members have the wrong idea about what the TA is all about, but isnt it up to people like you to correct them, and stamp out these issues. AND, we have to admit that it is the seniors that are most at fault. :evil:
prof_1 said:
AND, we have to admit that it is the seniors that are most at fault. :evil:
Really, I know of two in my regiment that do this and I suppose (from what I've seen) the regular army can't be any different. Although the TA doesn't really have the option of posting someone (in the TA) to another unit, which probably makes it look far worse.

Also mud sticks, so Officer X will always bebranded as a lesbian who seduces siggies, which I'd view as X and Y fell in love and kept their relationship within the 'Army Code of Conduct', but others wanted to make an example of them and so they were discplined.

I met my wife at work, if she'd been in the TA I would have be disciplined for the relationship (as I was in a unhappy relationship at the time). Nobody at work had a problem with what I did.

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