the int corps: ready to scare me off?

Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by pickledjelly, Jan 17, 2007.

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  1. hi
    basically, i've been looking at the army and the int corps really interested me, im still undecided and know little about the army beyond the recruitment booklets and what i've learned fieldcraft wise from the ATC.
    so not alot, im the first to admit that, i'm not a walt who thinks they know it all, because i simply dont.
    i am interested in a commision but i dont really know what that will entail as the information on armyjobs etc is very minimal
    anyone like to warn me off or maybe give me a few tips?

    much appreciated :)
  2. How old are you PJ, and are you male or female?
  3. i'm 16 so actually a few years yet because im looking at uni first and im female
  4. The vultures will be plummetting any second now, so, quickly, have a read of the sticky threads above the line - they contain a lot of good stuff.

    What do you have in mind studying?
  5. haha dont worry i can take it ill have a look thanks
  6. oh and im interested in psychology and maths so god knows for university
  7. My advice would be learn how to spell it first! :lol:
  8. Hey 252 give the kid a chance, I don't suppose your spelling was that good at 16, mine certainly wasn't.
  9. Who cun spoll now - espucolly when tyuoping isnt tught NE where :)
  10. Pickledjelly,

    Learn to spell, use basic punctuation and use you shift key (for upper-case letters).

    Keep/get fit.

    Go to university and get involved in the UOTC, or if you are close to a 3 Military Intelligence Battalion (Volunteers) TA Centre apply to join the TA and get a taste of the Intelligence Corps.

    If you like us and we like you, use the UOTC/unit chain of command to apply for the Regular Army.

    Good luck.
  11. I would sound a small caution over 3 MI, if you apply at 18 you'll be one of the youngest there, most being post degree twenties or older. Having done my fair share of selection weekends and recruit training this can be an issue for some, in that we do look for maturity over and above the average and you will have few peers in terms of age. You may prefer to join another TA unit where you'll be among your peers, do lots of warry stuff and transfer over later.

    There is also a strong emphasis on mobilisation in 3 MI these days and you may find the demands clash with your studies, which must be your priority.

    That said, you can join, have a ball, get mobilised, be certain the regs are for you and then join them. We see a steady flow of people transferring over this way. It's not a back door by any means, but a good mobilised performance does ease the way. If in doubt give 3 MI a go, even if you fail the selection weekend you'll be told exactly why and what you need to improve on which is all useful to know.

    Then there's the OTC - it's Army Lite to be honest, but does allow you to have a good time and - if you push for it - get a no-committment look at commissioned life in the Army. Plus it's geared around students so it should mesh with your studies well.

    And what she said about standards of written communication and fitness.
  12. Okay fair enough I’ll start typing properly and for a 16 year old I do a fair amount of exercise,

    Thanks for the advice and criticism was thinking about joining TA but 3 MI is a bit of a trek, got REME in my area, and would like to get a taste of other regiments in the army so I’ll have a look.
  13. 3 MI Bn (V) has a detachment in the Gateshead area. The UOTC is definitely a good option and there are various schemes available which may mean you can effectively be sponsored by the INT CORPS TA while studying. Good Luck.
  14. Pickled...where abouts are you at the moment?
  15. I'm in Sunderland, it is relatively near to Gateshead (approx. 15 miles), but the problem at the moment is transport, when I hit 18 however I may have a car..

    I'm currently in the ATC, which isn't fantastically army based obviously but I get alot out of it.
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