The Insurgency - Sun 02 Apr 9.00 pm, BBC2

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by hackle, Apr 1, 2006.

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  1. Heard of this from an ex-RA mate who describes it as "one of the more interesting productions I was involved with recently".

    Time Out 'Film of the week".

    Radio Times 'Documentary of the week'.

    I will be watching. Tomorrow night Sunday 02 Apr.

    source: BBC TWO LISTINGS
  2. Don't you feel that this is just another Baghdad Broadcasting Corporation attempt to glorify the terrorist. I'll watch it but I have a feeling that they'll be repeating what they did with the IRA.
  3. What do you mean? I've never seen the BBC glorifying George Bush
  4. Biscuits AB and his ilk are probably worried that far from being evil bloodthirsty fanatics, the insurgents might turn out to be a rather savvy bunch of individuals with a sophisticated understanding of Iraqi politics and society who simply want Whitey out of their country.
  5. ... who like to cut people's heads off and broadcast it on the internet.

    and for lots of these insurgents, it isn't "their" country.
  6. It sounds like the episode of Frontline (like a spam version of Panorama- but usually weightier than latter day BBC offerings) that ran on PBS here a couple of weeks ago. One of the main characters is Time's Baghdad Bureau Chief- can't remember his name- Mark something I think- but he's Australian.

    A fair amount of Footage with Col HR McMaster, of 73 Easting Fame in '91 (then a Capt) too. Now has his own Armourd Cav Regt. McMaster makes a good point that one of the biggest mistakes they made was disbanding the Iraqi army because all of a sudden you have hundreds of thousands of unemployed men with nothing other than military skills. If you're penniless, have a family to support, the economy is in sh1t state, your only skill set is as a soldier and someone offers you a few grand to pick up an RPG and take out a Bradley, what would you do?

    If it's the same programme, make sure to take a look. It was bloody good. One of the key points the Aussie (who has lots of contacts within the insurgency) made is that the insurgents started off as being old Iraqi Army/ RG, but are now increasingly being financed by Zarqawi and Zawahri etc. and are starting to pay more attention to the religious crap, rather than it being a nationalist thing. He's not sure if it's lip service though, or if it's something altogether more serious.
  7. Think this is the documentary Crabtastic is talking about...
    The website has lots of extra interviews with the participants.

    It could well be the BBC one too since it won't allow "UK/Ireland residents to watch it online due to contractual arrangements with the BBC". Perhaps it'll be viewable to UK/Ireland residents after it is broadcast on BBC 2.

  8. That's the one.
  9. No you haven't have you and that's bacause Mr Bush stands for eveything that is right in this world.
  10. Evil blood thirsty fanatics? What, like those blokes who flew two airliners into the Twin Towers or like that little fella who likes to chop people heads off on TV?

    I doubt that they have a sophisticated understanding of Iraqi politics. Could you give an example please or were you just trying to sound clever?
  11. Like the Americans were their clear understanding of Iraqi politics? Telling the Shiites that their choice of PM is unacceptable to America is really going to win friends in high places :roll: . The insurgents do not need to be clever, they just have to hope that the occupying powers are stupid, something that in Iraq they have been really luck with. The insurgents have added to American and Iraqi problems, they have successfully created a climate of instability; they have helped to make sure that any civilian government lacks the credibility to operate amongst wide sections of the populace. The creation of a strong, functioning Iraqi government at the moment is a pipe dream thanks in part of the insurgents but more largely due to the incompetence of the Americans.
  12. The names of the producer, cameraman etc correspond. So it seems that tonight's documentary on BBC2 at 2100 is the same one as seen by Crabtastic and featured on that website. Sounds as if it is going to be worth watching.
  13. I asked for examples of the 'sophisticated understanding of Iraqi politics' of this 'savvy group of individuals'. Can you provide one or is spouting off 'everything I've read about Iraq this week' your problem as well?
  14. cpunk

    cpunk LE Moderator

    I'm really looking forward to hearing from a few Iraqis who've been beheaded and/or executed: that has to be a TV first; well done the BBC! :D
  15. It's amazing what you can do with 'Photo Shop'