The Insurance NIGHTMARE!!!

Discussion in 'Finance, Property, Law' started by Ragnarok_VI, May 25, 2008.

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  1. Pax. Forces Financial. Abbicus.

    You all know the names, you all know the faces of the people that convince gullable people like me that you need 3'000 levels of insurance before we go on tour...

    Well. I am completely frustrated. On my Batallions tour last year, we had a -lot- of casualties. After talking with the lads on their insurance follow ups, it seems that 80% of them couldnt get their insurances to pay out. Either through small print or clauses in the level of injury. I have a few lower levels of Accident/Life insurance to make up a larger sum should anything happen, fatal/mortal/non-fatal injuries.

    Im worried now that if anything were to happen all the hassle in sorting it out with the companies I have were a waste of time.

    Pax = Crap. Dont even mention that name to me. I have a near paralysed friend within my Company who hasnt recieved a penny after taking an RPG to the face within a foot's distance. It levelled the entire section, thankfully noone died. But he didnt get a penny, along with the rest of them.

    I would -love- to hear from anyone who could advise what Insurance companies are the best. Im sick of hunting, and need to hear from people who have either been injured, or who trusts their company.

    Help... me.
  2. If your friend has a permanent disability as a result of an accident (such as you describe) then he is entitled to a pay out under Section B. If he is paralysed then Section A covers it - never mind the hospitalisation benefit as I suspect taking an RPG to the face would have seen him in primary care for a considerable time.

    Feel free pm so that we can sort this out. It's a shame that he missed the claims team when they were on their monthly visit to Selly Oak as they would have sorted it at the bedside.

    The PAX sales team aren't working to commission and are all ex-military (and former PAX members) so none of us would try to convince you to do anything other than consider your options.


  3. Cheers for the feedback PB.