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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by IDONTNEEDAHAIRCUT, Aug 20, 2007.

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  1. Army on the Cheap

    Col Bob Stewart, a former UN Commander of British Forces in Bosnia, investigates the role of the Territorial Army, civilians in uniform, in today's highly dangerous military operations in Iraq.

    The review in The Independent implied that this was a bit of a hatchet job "under trained....underfunded....a danger to themselves and the regular soldiers they serve with" but it may be worth a look.

    MOD's Please feel free to move this if this has already been posted and I haven't seen it.
  2. Will watch it. I expect it to sound like many threads on here, some regular/TA moaning about how poor the TA were etc, with some other regular/TA going on about how well the TA performed.
    I'd put my money of the TA bashing element come from certain corps and the pro ones from others.
    I know one guy (for example) who'd spent many years training for a menial job to be employed in a more complex job, having no training whatsoever for that role. He had to be sent back to the UK to get the right skills, was he at fault, no at all. The problem was, his corps didn't take the TA seriously and didn't train TA soldiers in areas they were really useful. This still hasn't been solved now and the regular army has taken further steps to degrade the TA in the form of MATTS/.

    We maybe labeled as one Army - the TA - but we face many different problems. The TA infantry are not that far off their regular counterparts, the medics may even be better but have similar problems to their parent corps, the signals - we'll, erm - can someone fill in the rest for me (I'll say as much as our last PSI thought we were like recruits and has decimated my sqn)
  3. I can only speak from an RA background, when we sent to other RA units as IR's we have been treated extremely well by them and integrated fully into there ORBATS.
  4. I hardly think comments such as ' danger to themselves and the regular soldiers they serve with' are is going to help perception of the TA by either the general public or any of the remaining Regular dinosaurs, and risks setting us back by about 4 years.

    Anyone mobilised since late 2003 is, of course, a volunteer. If they didn't get the holiday they thought they saw in the brochure, then they should just wind their necks in til the end of the tour and bin it, or take it up with the CoC in theatre.

    The training gap is a clear issue but I am not aware of any greater incidence of NDs or other accidents involving TA.

    Cheers Bob, you media whoring cnut.
  5. Had a PM earlier from someone who'd been interviewed by Col Bob, he believed Bob was just looking at how the TA was being used and how well it was doing in Iraq and not its faults.

    He is obviously going to bring up the fitness thing.
  6. Those TA mobilised in 1990 were all volunteers also
  7. Perhaps its just the C4 media hype, then (although it seems unlikely that his views would not be pretty central to the editorial line). I'll withdraw my gratuitous insult pending actually watching the prog!
  8. jmj

    jmj Old-Salt

    I don't wish to drag this tread off topic, but that statement is not correct. I was mobilised along with others from my unit for Telic 5, towards the end of 2004. We did not volunteer.

    My employer, although supportive at the time would be rather unimpressed if I had volunteered.

  9. chrisg46

    chrisg46 LE Book Reviewer

    seconded, for telic 6.
  10. msr

    msr LE

    From the Forum FAQ :

    Since November 2005, all TA mobilisations have been voluntary. The reference for the letter from LAND is Land/RF8201 dated 14 Nov 05.

  11. Cheers msr - I knew you'd clarify eventually.

    And prior to that (but post about TELIC 3) there was supposed to be an element of intelligent mobilisation - ie units would only mobilised those who they knew wanted to go (or at least wouldn't object to it). I accept that this left a lot of discretion to the unit (even sub-unit - I exercised that discretion myself on a number of occasions), and practices varied from place to place as to what individuals were told or asked. I am a little surprised however that, as late as TELIC 6 individuals were not consulted whatsoever about impending mobilisation and it came as a complete surprise.
  12. How my unit and I laughed when the don't mobilise list got mixed up with the other one.
  13. :twisted: I like that.
  14. Back on thread, Bob Stewart did a piece in the Telegraph yesterday.

    If the programme takes this quite informed and sensible line rather than that in the C4 trail then it looks alright, and I am the cnut not Bob. We'll find out later....
  15. I was interviewed by Col Bob and feature in tonights program. I can confirm this is about supporting the TA and how it is underfunded for the demanding and changing role it serves, Thats what I was told anyway, I have not seen it yet. After seeing how the queen was shafted recently by editing only time will tell.