The Informant

Just watching it on 'Movies4Men'(Sky325)
It's about a young IRA man who turns informant when caught i a assasination attempt.Timothy Dalton plays a 'Special Branch' RUC man who's ccent goes from southern Irish to Scots!It looks like the the Army regiment is the RRF.
Anyone else seen it?

Mr Happy

yep, a not bad attempt to tell a story about NI. Bit concerned about the chaps bowling around in Kevlars with IW's in the early 80's (story is set late 1982) but apart from that - a good effort.
manchestercop said:
Excellent book, not seen the film.
It'll probably be repeated soon.
Quite a god film,and a lot of the location looked like areas of Belfast.Anyone know where it actually was filmed?

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