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Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by MicknDarcyJo, Oct 19, 2006.

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  1. Yes.

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  3. Yes, but only because they're desperate to remain in power.

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  1. In the past couple of weeks, it seems that a lot of 'hot topics' on Arrse have been picked up by politicians e.g. tax relief for soldiers serving abroad, and military hospitals.

    With Arrse being quoted in the news on a regular basis, just how much influence do you think a site like this has nowadays, bearing in mind it reflects the views of the people on the ground, and not necessarily those of the politicians.....
  2. in_the_cheapseats

    in_the_cheapseats LE Moderator

    I think there is influence - how can there be not?

    This site is known to be carefully and robustly moded and therefore the views whilst blunt and rarely in language a politicians likes, is regarded as "the truth".

    Even politicians have to listen to that ever now and again- even if they don't like it!
  3. WHAT!!!!!!? - You mean we're being watched?

    In which case... errr.... I'm the victim of identity theft... none of the views stated in my posts are mine... or represent my organisation, company or anyone I know... My name is Joe and I run a little grocery shop in Duddly. Bye.
  4. More likley picked up by their advisors and they only pick these topics up to look good!.
  5. We provide the stick with which those who wish may beat the target of the day. I would like to think that the well-being of the Armed Forces is in the forefront of society's mind but fear that we are - CGS notwithstanding - today's cause celebre. (So let us make our case as cogerntly and effectively as we can whilst the Andy Warhol effect lasts!)
  6. I was watching the PMQ's on Sky yesterday and thought somebody might have quoted Arrse in relation to the comments of the CGS.
  7. Don't forget that we are being governed by a knee-jerk government which takes any good idea and trumpets it as its own. The day after the Tory conference suggested that they would stop forces personnel paying tax in theatre, the government announced their initiative to review the same issue. The Tories do appear to have learned that any good idea they raise will be grasped and taken over, it's just the Labour is so much better at media manipulation and can adopt it as theirs.

    Since Arrse has been getting so much media coverage recently, they are no doubt tapping into the general feeling here to try and keep serving soldiers quiet for the moment.

    The one thing that seems to have them on the run is that the military do not have to spin anything and tell it like it is.
  8. elovabloke

    elovabloke LE Moderator

    I do not think Arrse will influencing any politicians decisions. What it can do is generate support within the arrse site who's combined actions may help to raise profile of some issues which in turn may influence political decisions.
  9. ARRSE has genuinely influenced legislation - several provisions of the Electoral Administration Act 2006, which received the Royal Assent during the summer.
  10. More importantly ARRSE probably helped keep General Dannatt's job safe. The newspapers were full of ARRSSE quotes last weekend, so the whole country was aware of how much support the General had amongst his men. Interestingly Tory politicians were the only ones openly demanding the head of General Dannatt. Nu Labour realised they would have a huge problem on their hands if they had sacked Dannatt. They simply would not have been aware of the strength of feeling without ARRSE. With Dannatt there, the Army might just be saved from a slow death.
  11. Dannatt himself thought he would be sacked.
  12. The Labour Party run a media monitoring system, so it should come as no suprise that ARRSE - as 'ericthellama' noted, so quoted at present - should have an influence upon their response to all the criticism coming their way.
    However, we've still got a long way to go - enough reinforcements, decent protection, helicopters etc. So, let's not over-estimate our influence yet....
  13. You're not telling me we saved his ....
  14. I am just wondering, were the Tories trying to stir up more trouble by getting the good general sacked?
  15. Good question. The answer must be yes: Press are obviously up for sources that might actually show the true thoughts of those serving and the Politico's all now have lots of bunnies trawling around the net.

    Trouble is that of all open forum, a double edged sword and you never know what somebody short of a story or just trying to cause trouble will dredge up.