The inflexibility of Government jobsworth

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by exile1, Nov 10, 2009.

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  1. Rules are rules......

    From the Portsmouth News.

    War hero, 94, is denied cash to heat his home.
    Bob McGowan has been deprived of £300 winter fuel allowance because he was one day late with his application. He is considering returning his Second World War medals as a protest.
    Despite his age and the six years he spent fighting for his country across Europe, Asia and Africa, the Pension Service said it could not show flexibility on the deadline.

    [full article in the newspaper but not computer literate enough to link]
  2. Negligent-Discharge

    Negligent-Discharge LE Book Reviewer

    Surely SSAFA could step in and let the old boy keep his medals....
  3. I'm not sure I understand this. Is he claiming back-pay for something from 2 years ago, or is he now denied the money forever because of moving into a house a day after the deadline?

    Sympathy if the latter. None if the former.
  4. I think with this old boy it's a matter of principle and would see help from SSAFA as defeat.

  5. Not really surprising from you ya cvnt…
  6. How about an ARRSE whip round?

    Edited to say:

    2,133 days on active service overseas? Nails.

    His generation shouldn't have to worry about heating their homes FFS.
  7. Usual Ashie indefensible spin and obfuscation.
  8. Fair enough. I should have said "Less if the former". But I hope you get my drift. If he's been banned forever it's appalling.

  9. Yup…

    Plenty like him at Nuremburg… I was only obeying orders and following the rules.

    Hopefully ashie will die a long, slow, painful and lonely death.
  10. Classic apparatchik bollocks.

    Rules is Rules.

    Once again, no one with a brain in the department involved.

    Veteran entitled to £300 no chance. Banks need another few billion? Come on down!(1)

    (1) No need to hurry, bank(2) your bonuses first.

    (2) In a nice offshore account.
  11. I feel for this bloke, but have to ask when do you stop making allowances? Yes he was a day late to qualify. What if he was two days late or a week?
    I'm sure it is not in the gift of the "jobsworth" to make allowances. I imagine the dates are set to stop multiple claims. If it's wrong it's the system for qualifying that needs altering.
    Incidentally, the fact that he served overseas does not, for me, affect this situation
  12. My Bold.

    You remind me of our Leader...
  13. My bold - I would suggest sometime after we've ensured that people who are 94 years old can heat their homes to stop themselves from freezing to death. FFS there are times when there has to be some flexibility and I'm pretty sure that stopping OAP's dying unnecessarily is one of them.
  14. One day late in his aplication FFS. I bet if he was over paid on his heating allowance he would not be abloe to get away with "You were one day late asking for it back".
    These jobsworths should be reminded that they work for us not the other way around.