The infantry

6riflesrfn said:
how come on here its all guys talking about the signals and REME... when we all know, its the infantry which wins the fight!
because its their job...

do you have "speshul needs" ??
Your post was at 18.58, ok to be drinking at that time but too early to be so plastered...... You're not really a rifleman are you?
true to a degree that infantry eventually wins wars thats if you are talking about the closing in and engaging / defeating the enemy but to get to location on the L.O.D etc requires comunications (i.e R.S) and if you want ammo and scoff when you get there you will require RLC and when you get to close and cannot move further you will require R.A or A.A.C so to be fair to all the good lads and lasses i have worked along side in the corps it requires a team effort.

riflemen = thinking soldiers ?
OnTheBus said:
Bravo_Bravo said:
6riflesrfn which unit are you with?
Wahmour on. Isn't there a clue in the poor lads user name. I am ashamed if it's true..... (walks away shaking head in despair).
Sorry mate, I'm using SABOT - waaaaah.

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