The infantry

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by 6riflesrfn, Nov 17, 2008.

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  1. how come on here its all guys talking about the signals and REME... when we all know, its the infantry which wins the fight!
  2. As much as I applaud your enthusiasm for the Infantry, you are a tool.
  3. because its their job...

  4. Can't be arsed to bite!
  5. what fights have you won?
  6. do you have "speshul needs" ??
  7. Was this not done 3 years ago?
  8. also...thoroughly pointless
  9. Did I train you?
    I failed!!
  10. Your post was at 18.58, ok to be drinking at that time but too early to be so plastered...... You're not really a rifleman are you?
  11. 6riflesrfn which unit are you with?
  12. worried its yours?
  13. I would be!!

    Wasn't there that Cadet knob that tried this arguement before?
  14. Wahmour on. Isn't there a clue in the poor lads user name. I am ashamed if it's true..... (walks away shaking head in despair).