The infantry

Just found this video on youtube,And it realy sums up how great are British Infantry is.

Also , why are the army recruitment video's on tv so sh!te ? Surely they would be better off with something more like this.

Anyway just thought i would hare it with all those going infantry,(As i think it shows why the british infrantry is the best in the world)
Good one.
Very powerful with that music, hits a button.
Thats what it done for me, Hit some sort of button why dont they put this on tv ..instead of teh crap they put on.
Would like to know where the etxt comes from. It looks very Yank to me.

The pics and music are very good though
Allot of the footage is from the British army ads on TV, but they have a rather cheesy voice over in them!

But im sure the media have got into trouble for glamorising War and the armed forces

I liked it

does any one know what the music is ?

does any one know what the music is ?[/quote]

My daughter says that it was used in some Dr Who episodes, or one which we were watching (saved on her computer) yesterday.
Apart from that can't help.


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fatmini said:
does any one know what the music is ?
"Lux Aeterna" by Clint Mansell
corbuk said:
THE MUSIC !??????

It says it on the info bit on the vid .......
Didn't see that.
I've just taken another look at it and it talks about being Morally straight.
Does that take into account shagging fat munters and the sergeant's wife?

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