The infantry running out of soldiers

Discussion in 'Infantry' started by barbs, Jul 18, 2005.

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  1. This article is of a little interest, especially regarding the fact thath all but 2 inf bns are undermanned:

    I am surprised that this article talks about infantry shortages but are following recruits at ATR Winchester. I think this comment is quite accurate:

    What can be done about it?
  2. When the lads are 18, theres nothing the parents can do about it..

    As for the shortage of recruits, Possibly the fact that they are messing around with the infantry and merging regiments, like our lot for example, Loads of lads from Liverpool want to join the KINGS, Now they know we're losing our Capbadge and heritage, they are not interested. Obviously it's not solely down to that but it's possibly a factor.

    My mum and dad know the score with the Army, and know the score about Iraq...They are concerened but told me if it's what you want to do I am not going to stop you, and they never...

    Or maybe we're are becoming a nation of Faggots...:lol: :wink:
  3. Of course when FIS and FAS take effect and 4 regiments are lost we will no longer be running out of soldiers and will in fact be over-subscribed. Oh those boys in Whitehall are SOOOOOOOO clever.

    Of course, that is no consolation to my jocks who are currently on the dividend between two merging battalions and who currently have no foreseeable future.
  4. I wonder which Battalions are actually not undermanned. I think that most users on this site have probably been told that their unit is up to strength even though the truth is quite plainly around them. So any idea's who is OFFICIALLY up to strength?
  5. Of course that is the solution. Reduce the number of Regiments and Bns further. All shortages will disappear.
    It's a complicated process, but maybe it's less costly than actually trying to improve recruitment.

    There are more than two merging Scottish Bns. Creation of RRS means all Scottish Bns are merging. All current Scottish Regiments will be gone.
  6. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    Reducing the number of regiments and or Bns will only improve the shotages if the workload for the Infantry as a whole is scaled down to suit the smaller number of bayonets available. (yes bayonets they used to fit on the end of an SLR!) If the MOD really believe that by making less units up to strength will solve the manpower problems then the consultants have landed. Some bright ex rupert with an MBA in business bollock speak, come on dont be shy you know who you are, has fooled whitehall again!
    Let me see, now we need say 50 (easy number) Infantry Bns for current deployments and we have 52 understrength. reduce that number to 48 full strength and you still dont have 50 Bns. Am I the only one to see this? I could go on but with the current security mess that has the met shooting brazilian Sparks and me warning zall the British asians at work to forget their civil rights and do exactly as Mr plods tells them (called me racist for that!) I some how think that one or two civ aid issues would leave the blanket stackers patrolling sandpits again and resulting in more body bags at Lyneham!
  7. Just to add I am trying to join the infantry and it taken nearly a month to get my medical to go thru shame you cant make the process go quicker.
  8. I think the problem with recruitment stems from a few basic issues, these include:

    - Better pay in civi street
    - In civi street you dont have to leave your loved ones to go train in another part of the UK
    - If you really dont like your civi job you can tell them where to stick it

    There are probably a whole range of other reasons but those are the ones that come to mind
  9. Perhaps its also to do with:

    Poor relative pay for a young soldier whilst on operations.
    Levels of responsibility compared to wages.
    Being shot at in Iraq.
    Bad publicity regarding the infantry reducing in strength.
  10. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    Not forgetting the be really careful before you slot some camel jockey pointing an RPG at you as unlike the met the CPS can hang you out to dry, but thats traditional isnt it?

    New NAAFI beer for sandpit ops, no alcohol, just bitter and twisted!
  11. Hi all. I'm a Trinidadian looking to join up next year. I'm very surprised to hear that regs are understrength.
    ChrisV had some good points:

    -Civ pay is way better.
    -girlfriend in bendroom at home. your hand in barracks.
    -tell your CO to stick it and go to jail.

    Let's take a 20 year old with a B.Sc in computer science. How much would a private get and how much would a 20 year old Civ get in the IT industry???
  12. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    Lets see, any work experience and I mean experience not just helping others out? What you need to remember is that the IT bubble burst ages ago, even I get asked if I can do various IT roles. Trust me unless an agency placement with a good employer pays off you are looking at a crap support job in some local authority unless daddy's firm is recruiting either way the pay will still be way better than the massive £13 a day I recieved for my first Belfast tour!

    Swing the tilley lamp!
  13. I blame the Parents!!!