The Infantry Demonstration Battalion.

My old mob did it in the 90's. Most of us hated it,and probably not for the reasons you might think.
My lot was very keen on massive amounts of bullshit,and the general view amongst the senior ranks was that the exercises got in the way of the room inspections/parades/Guard etc.
Having lots of vehicles however,meant we had lots of things to paint.
Getting out on scheme was a good break from the bullshit.
It wasn't all bad,but it pretty much broke the battalion,mainly because those in charge couldn't get their priorities right.
Rather think Mabway have the contract, split over Brecon and Warminster.
I have worked for them myself on and off for the last 4 years.
When it was Mabway / Serco the Job was called COEFOR, now its Mabway only, most still refer to the pers on the job as coefor.
The contract is expanding, they will be oop north soon. And theres a lot of other work they do for MoD too.
Yes I do.
I had the pleasure of commanding the Scottish Division Platoon from 81 to disbandment and It was most certainly not a screw up. IDB was a great place and produced some real stars, like all Bns it had some idiots in the early day more perhaps than others!
Why, because Bns dumped their dross, no surprise there but thankfully D Inf soon sorted that out. Patience however was a prerequisite as we had to deal with some real Twats across the road at the School of Insanity.
There are others on the site, so sleepers awake.