The Infantry Demonstration Battalion.


Lol aye I mind breaking my wrist and himself tearing up sick chit and going on phantom bugle in mid winter with the gpmg oh how we larfed me now fat bald and working at dounereay

Goalie IDB

I was dragged back from Warminster to play football for the Battalion. Got out, then joined up again, done 9 and half years and back tae civvie street. Lol.


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To get a word in, what was Phantom Bugle?
To get a word in, what was Phantom Bugle?
Phantom Bungle was a 5 day exercise for the Combat Team Commanders course.
It kicked off with the classic covering force withdrawing, reserve demolition malarkey. Lots of probes, patrols and then an advance to contact with a grand finale of a dawn attack on Imber - two up bags of smoke and bangs!

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