The Infantry - clearly far too big.

Discussion in 'Infantry' started by BedIn, Sep 13, 2006.

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  1. My Bn returned from NI in December and deployed on Op TELIC in April. My Coy needed 2 x WR with it but there were no Armd Inf available as they were all either preparing for, on or just back from TELIC. Therefore I sent 3 crews to train during Op TELIC, so my manning suffered. Our BG is crippled by SF support roles and static tasks so that routinely we can deploy (as a BG) a Coy. My troops have absolutely no rest. In one day there were 13 x T2 heat casualties in the city as a cordon was put in place and, in 55c and 60% humidity, there were no troops to relieve them on the cordon as they pushed over 10 hrs.

    There are 20yr old LI soldiers on their third Op TELIC. When the Staffords came on their recce for TELIC 9 the recce group actually came from BATUS. These boys had done TELIC 6, then done a training year (never at home) and are coming on TELIC 9.

    In Afghanistan NATO are crying out for more troops. There are British troops in contact every day for over 30 days. The Gren Gds left TELIC 8 early to begin training for HERRICK.

    During all of this I have looked around me and one thought struck me. "The Infantry is far too large. We need to loose a few Bns."

    This is an issue separate from the end of the Arms Plot and the creation of new Regiments. It’s a simple question of capacity.

  2. The traditional term "Poor Bloody Infantry" just doesn't seem to cut it these days does it?
  3. BedIn

    Do more with less. They've given you bowman *cough*, what else could you ask for? You're getting more and more all expenses paid (bar your council tax back home etc etc) visits to exotic locations, all courtesy of HMG.

    Perhaps on Telic and Herrick the soldiers could be given a summer recess like the House of Commons gets - although I'm sure soldiers don't work as hard and aren't subject to the same pressures.

    I reckon you can skim off another Btn or two, just to pay for the increasing costs of Telic and Herrick, without losing any operational capability...

    Moral has never been better, isn't that right BedIn? (oh, and not a shot fired) :D
  4. They could have based the 3 battalions of Royal Irish in Ballykinler, changed us to the GS role and sent us on tours from there. But no! Instead they disband us. :(

    Great Forward thinking. :roll:
  5. I look forward to BedIn's posts.

    The ongoing BOWMAN saga was perfectly summarised by him earlier this year....... and now the Infantry deployment, deployment, deployment ( is that a good title for a TV show or what ) problem.

    Stick with it Laddo, the first 22 years are the hardest. If ever we get to meet, the first cold beer is on me. Keep telling it like it is, it helps me put my comfort zone in perspective.
  6. what you need are more consultants to show you how to work smarter not harder :twisted:
  7. Is that so they can put even less than 3500 troops into an area the size of Wales? Why not just go the wholehog and get PWC or KPMG to run the war - oh, I forgot, they only "advise" and then run away when it goes tits up
  8. Do we actually need the Infantry at all? Could their roles not be replaced in these enlightened times with contracted teams of leafleters, focus groups and marketeers. Backed up, should things get really hairy, for rapid reaction multi issue demonstrators drawn from a UK University pool, reinforced by welfare claimants on rotation?
  9. I totally agree with you Bedin , A lot of the Recce regiments are in the same boat or even worse , and a Recce regiment is 20% smaller than an Inf regiment in the same role . Its a poor state of affairs and who knows whats going to happen with Herrick .Ref the Grens , they did short tour in Iraq for Herrick training but it was there first Telic so for the Grens ''Welcome to our world''.

    Is it going to ease off ? I have no idea but it needs to as its too much for both Inf and Cav units at the moment .
  10. There's always the RAF Regiment. Perhaps they could help?
  11. Your stretched but not over stretched.

    Honest, there is no over stretch. The Secretary of state for defence said so just the other day.

    The CGRM said he could get more work out of less men and Gen Jackson said somethig similar.

    No more talk of being over worked, you Hear? Why some MP's (politicians not Monkeys) have to work as many as two or three hours a week and you dont hear them complaining do you?

    Regards Cardinal
  12. Jesus Christ - we are presiding over the slow death of some of the finest Infantry in the world!

    I am glad I am no longer serving as an Infantryman!

    I would not recommend a career in the Infantry today to my worst enemy let alone any of my family, relatives or friends!.

    It is certainly no longer the Army I joined and was proud to do my 22 with!

    I certainly agree with one poster above who encourages BedIn to 'keep telling it as it is' - we need this sort of authoritative imput into the reality of life. It needs to be made public as loudly and as often as those who post them have the time and the courage to do so!

    Regards and best wishes
  13. Meanwhile, civil servants from the MoD, FCO, etc. will be attending the Oracle Openworld Conference in San Francisco this October.

    The event will be held in California's largest convention center and exhibition hall and offers, aside from the opportunity to network with other Oracle users, its own shoe shine, tap and brew and massage booth.

    Nice work if you can get it......
  14. My God!!! Have you not told the Scary Mail yet?? This is just their sort of story.
  15. Ooh, hands up who think we should start deploying the OTCs? ;)

    (Please note, definately not a serious suggestion!)