The infamous BNP list and the suspended copper.

Discussion in 'Finance, Property, Law' started by Aunty Stella, Nov 20, 2008.

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  1. Just seen on the news that a Police officer has been suspended pending investigation for being found on that list.

    Now whilst I am no BNP supporter, I am a supporter of democracy.

    With the BNP being a registered political party, is the ban on membership legal?

    Just curious as, with the publication of the list, I can see many a legal fight coming from this.
  2. you start with banning the BNP, who admittedly are intolerant scumbags, but who next?

    Nearly all employers now operate equal opportunities, and promote gay rights in the workplace, so do you ban muslims, orthodox Jews and Roman Catholics, who's religion preaches intolerance of gays (amongst others)

    It's the thin end of the wedge I tell ya!


    Adolf x
  3. Are the police allowed to be a member of a political party?
  4. I dare say there will be a few of my colleagues on this side of the water watching how this develops.
  5. I am no supporter of the BNP.

    Whether members of the police should be banned from joining legitimate (albeit highly unpleasant) political parties is one question. But there is another allied to that.

    I am puzzled as to why they are banned from being a member of a right wing party (which is a legal party, with elected representatives on numerous councils) but they are NOT banned from being members of the equivalent left wing parties. Why is that?
  6. No serving police officer is allowed to be a member of the BNP
  7. ....and that they ban their own white officers from being full members of the black police officers association.

    I alsothink that the BNP suck
  8. But why? And are they banned from any other legal political parties?
  9. I know that.

    I wanted a legal clarification from one of the sites lawyers, hence posting it here
  10. Question? Would a member of any UK Constabulary be banned from being a member of Sinn Fein?

    As perverse as it seems would Neu Arbeit turn a blind eye (no pun intended Cyclops) to this.
  11. Or the socialist workers party? The communist party? etc
  12. now if a copper was in court giving evidence against (say) a vietnamese commercial cannabis grower (or any other type of minority),and it wasnt a strong case for the prosecution, during the trial the defence gets up and states 'the policeman witness giving evidence is a member of a political party that advocates the ethnic cleansing of minoritys from the uk' it could be made to look like the copper was (maybe) acting out of personal spite or hatred against minoritys, then the evidence is in doubt and any half decent lie adjuster oops, sorry, lawyer will get the scum bags off and thousands of pounds have been wasted.
    it puts the copper in a compromisable position, thats the ploblem, the bill headshed dont really care if the coppers beliefs are those of the BNP or not, but by being a member of the BNP the coppers evidence is compromised if the race card is played. and if a copper cant see this and hes stupid enough to join the BNP anyway then IMHO the dumb fecker shouldnt be a policeman.

    thats the way i see the ploblem anyway, but i'm not a lie adjuster oops! sorry, lawyer so i'm probebly wrong.
  13. I think u would get a rather harsh chat from SB and then find yourself on service confidence ...... or get sacked by a cbtral board for not booking out your breathyliser (the MPS version of walking on the cracks in the pavement)

  14. So would a copper be banned from being a member of CND? Lets say he was giving evidence against a soldier or fellow Police officer that had used violence against an anti war or anti nuclear protestor? Surely membership of the CND would make him biased?

    How about a member of the Green Party that was giving evidence against someone found cutting down trees or fly tipping?

    How about a member of the BPOA giving evidence against a white man that had assaulted a Black Police officer?

    How about a member of Sinn Fein giving evidence against a Prod?

    How about a member of Opus Dei giving evidence against a muslim?

    How about a devout muslim giving evidence against anyone that was a Kaffir?

    See where this is going? Political affiliations should have NO bearing UNTIL it becomes apparent that they are ACTUALLY subverting justice.

    If they are going to ban membership of the BNP then they should also ban ALL religions, ALL political parties and MOST DEFINITLEY ALL membership of the Masons.

    But if they did that, they would be Communists, wouldn't they?

    So what do you suggest? A none racial, none religious, none political (except the PC recognised type of politics) Police force? I beleive they were called the KGB in the USSR.
  15. good post AS.

    we rilly is fecked unless we get some lawers into this thread.