The Inevitable Official enquiry.

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by AIR FILTER, Aug 12, 2011.

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  1. Before the government appoint some geriatric noble Lord C/w alphabet of letters after it's name to head a enquiry into the cause of England's riots that will take months or years to conclude and cost the tax payer X amount of millions to fund.

    1. Discipline in the home and at school have been made virtually illegal by government policy. You can not use fair and justifiable corporal discipline on a child in Britain today.

    2. Child see's their TV celebrity heroes on runaway, obscene, wage packets and lifestyles for doing next to nothing and then wants the same lifestyle.

    3. Child finds it difficult to understand the reality's of life, gets frustrated, see's no hope and so starts to riot.

    4. Problem exacerbated by government (Red and Blue) by neglecting the interests of Britons poor and underprivileged in society and by repeated confirmation of a bleak economic climate for the next few generations of it's people due to it's failed economic strategy.

    David Cameron ... You can have this info Free of charge Sir.
  2. Christ - I thought it was down to too many darkies in the UK.
  3. According to callers to LBC this morning it's the example set by MP's fiddling their expenses and businessmen fiddling their tax returns.
  4. I'd add unbridled immigration and poor integration!
    These people shat where they ate, you wouldn't do that if you came to a country and truly felt a part of it. (Before anybody points out all the white kids in Manchester, it's a shithole and they were profiteering.)
  5. 100% Agreed.

    There is hardly a day that goes by in Britain today that some respected rich greedy bastard is in the news for fiddling something or other! ..... And the yobo's see and hear it on their T.V set's.

    God knows yobo watches plenty of Tv!

    Our M.P's and businessmen Leading by example eh?

    More like one rule for the rich and one for the poor!
  6. Dont forget the endless hundreds of millions siphoned off to help overseas in foriegn aid which could be used here.
  7. It's public money and they don't give a shit. They aren't accountable and we can't stop them.
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  8. Too many "ethnics" , not going to use the terms like ****** ********** as our bleeding drippy racism acts prevent it. Sterilise them, then send them home to A**********
  9. Shhhh Hagar's coming
  10. Re-open Borstals and approved schools. The current set of 8-20 year olds are mostly beyond salvage. The next set could be taught to read, write, and count. The Jesuits have a saying;

    'Give me the child, and I will give you the man,'

    The teaching policies and experiments of the last thirty years prove that.

    Stop unemployment being a career choice, there should be enough to live on, frugally, but not enough to do much else.

    Make the difference between a working wage and the dole bigger, see above.

    Bring back the concept of shame. (Not sure how you'd do that.)

    End the concept of a child centred society, they know nothing until taught.

    Close Child Line, even Esther Rantzen has said it was a mistake.
  11. I agree with that chef, :
    Add Wimmin should be taught as teens that beig fat slags os not cool.
    Wimmin should be taught that prostitution whilst enjoyable and profitable is not an honerable profession.
    Wimmin should be taught that joining the Army is a euphemism for groundsheet.
  12. Wimmin should also be taught that internet bullies bottle it in real life.
  13. Wonk_mog, at least a whore is honest about fucking you for your money. Unlike those cunts in Parliament. I know who I'd trust more.

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  14. As has been demonstrated by pissy pants. BOO IT'S HAGAR! That scared him.
  15. We can whinge about todays "yoof" and hark back to better days all we like. The sad fucking fact is that those days will never return. What we are seeing now is only the beginning. What will happen when the current crop of scumbags have their own fuck trophies?