The Independent report on Fusliers Killed

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Plastic Yank, Sep 8, 2005.

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  1. Now i freely admit to bashing liberals at any opportunity, so this little article has me slightly confused. On the one hand, i am under no illusions that had two white boys from Aberdeen been killed, the Indy would quite happily ignored the incident (as they have with most things concerned with the military - upsets the Islingtonites over their latte's and muesli).

    But it's well written (if a bit thick on the "immigrant" social agenda). or am i just a cynic!

    P.S. I also am an immigrant.
  2. RP578

    RP578 LE Book Reviewer

    I read that too and thought that it was a great piece honouring a soldier who gave his life etc. The whole immigrant angle was as part of a series of articles in response to a recent report showing the contributions to the UK by immigrants. I thought that it was a good choice to lead with the story of Fusilier Meade especially given the strident anti-Iraq war stance adopted by the paper.
  3. Fusilier Meade was clearly a fine young man who was a credit to his family and to the Armed Forces. I'm not sure that being an immigrant made him different to any of the other soldiers who have given their lives, though I applaud the Indie for having something positive to say for once.
  4. A good example of an immigrant contributing to the country and not take take take. Good to see there was no political axe to grind. My sympathies to his family.
  5. I am not sure , but I believe he was the same fine young man who laughed a lot, especially at me struggling manfully under 90lbs all up on the boggiest bits of Otterburn on an extended night tab. I had an uncanny ability that night to find every bloody deep waterfilled hole , and himself reduced to giggles hauling me out , and inviting me to keep finding the bad bits because it was keeping him dry. All my swearing and muttering didn't have any effect either, but his cheerful patter helped. In between the Reg. Corporals saying "Here you go PTP , there's a deep pool you missed" :(

    If I am mistaken in my identity of the young black soldier with the soft caribbean accent I shared a mug of Tea with I apologise , but will say one thing. Those young Phase 2 soldiers of my Regiment who were out with us were all fine young men. As long as there are young men like Donal , Steve and the rest , the British Army will remain what it has always been. The finest, most professional Army in the world today.

    RIP Donal and Stephen, the Regiment past and present, mourns your passing.
  6. I was lucky enough to visit Monserrat years ago before the volcano erupted. It was a wacky place, most of the locals were the descendants of slaves who worked for Irish Catholic plantation owners who'd settled there to escape religious persecution in the late 1700's (it's also known as the Emerald Isle because of this association as well as the lush jungle foliage) So you'd meet lots of Afro-Caribbean people with names like Siobahn O'Neill and Colm Grady. Plymouth, the capital, was a tiny boozy place full of chatty locals and chilled out expats from (mainly) Canada and the UK.

    I can honestly say the Monserratians were some of the nicest people you'll ever meet; friendly, laid-back and pretty happy (in a very discrete way)with their association with the UK. Until Claire Short put her foot in it with them, of course.

    Without generalising too much, it doesn't surprise me whatsoever that a young Monserratian volunteered to serve. Sympathies to Fus. Meade and Fus. Manning and their families. RIP.

  7. In my minds eye i see Donal smiling at me. I had the pleasure of working with him in Belfast in 2003. He was attached to our detachment as an escort and a damn fine job he did too. Whatever people think of any press related view, i can assure you that he was a selfless individual and a credit to his Regiment. Even though i knew him for a short time, i will now never forget him, as i will never forget the others who have given their lives in the sandpit.

    RIP Donal.
  8. Only a few weeks ago I lost one of my best friends when the 3 Staffordshire boys were killed. I shed a tear.
    I didn't know these lads and yet I shed another tear.
    Selfless committment, courage and honour.

    The lads died doing a job that they loved and I am sure they would have had it no other way.

    Again, my deepest sympathies.