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Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Ivor_Biggin, Jan 8, 2007.

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  1. Avoid this rag tomorrow - an article where a 9 year old boy questions why his father is in Quantanamo Bay?

    Answer - (Easy) - Maybe because he's an AQ related terrorist !
  2. Two threads started for your first two posts...Not shy are you?
  3. Well, I am a bit shy really, because I started my 1st thread on 8 Jan last year!

    So it's taken me a whole year to think up this one........and it's not that good anyway!
  4. Fair Point.
  5. Hey, how much to shag your sister? Nice frillies.

    Answer: "Well son, it's because your dad fcuks camels and smells real bad. If it wasn't for that, we'd have no reason to cook up an AQ story now would we?"
  6. Another fecking tool.
  7. Got any evidence then have you?
  8. SLRboy just got censored.
  9. "The Independent: it is, are you?" Ha ha ha ha!

    This is the worst piece of propaganda I have seen of late from a once great and genuinely 'independent' newspaper.
  10. language Timothy !!

    I'm guessing I've a biggin is probably right and the boy's father is a terrorist. But we do not know and there isn't too much proof. Many of these now orange suited "tourists" (ho, ho) have just gone on holiday to interesting resorts, and in a completely unprovoked manner have been picked up by coalition forces.

    For example a typical philanthropic trip by a British muslim took him to the pretty little town of Falluja in Al-Anbar province, undoubtedly he was able to take in some sight seeing whilst doing good work for a charity (bless his little cotton socks - not sure if they wear them under the dishdasha?). Unfortunately his sojourn was cut short when he was spotted by US marines passing ammunition over a wall in the close proximity of a fire fight.

    No I'm with you SLRboy innocent until proven guilty, so let them out in the meantime, and undoubtedly they will continue their philanthropic lifestyle in the meantime. (By the way what is an SLR? - isn't it something from a bygone era).

    Yeah - I will not be purchasing the Independent tomorrow.
  11. Its obvious that the 9 year old is a AQ sympathetic - he should follow his dad into Cuba.
  12. Why is my dad far away in that place called Guantanamo Bay? Young boy's plea to Tony Blair

    King_of_the_Burpas I totally agree. Propaganda never tasted so good.
  13. In 1971, the British Govt decided to reduce the threat of terror in NI by mob-handed internment of 'suspected terrorists' among the ulster catholic population, and to do it just on the say-so of any RUC policeman (at that time, almost every one a protestant).

    A large number of individuals were banged-up in this way, without trial, who had never committed any terrorist offence: many were 'guilty' of nothing more than playing Gaelic football. It was simply the best recruiting campaign ever mounted for the IRA,

    The way in which Guantamo is being populated, coupled with the way in which its residents are treated, is - in my view - having a similar effect, on a wider scale. It is one of many counter-productive initiatives incorporated in a "War On Terror" which is fundamentally ill-conceived, and incompetently managed at the highest levels.

    If as B'liar insists, we are aiming to show the world that western democratic values are better and fairer than those of Islamic fascism, then banging people up, on the basis of dodgy intel without benefit of due process or proper legal representation is a bloody funny way of doing it.

    The Independent has been doing as good a job as any broadsheet - and better than most - of bringing matters like this to public attention. 8)
  14. Of course there is always the idea of not actually taking any prisoners, so when these poor innocent passers-by as they so obviously are get caught up in a firefight with SF in torabora (intriguing rock formations there, they were on a field trip from Leeds university) then just let squaddies brass the fcuk out of them and let god sort it all out.

    Or did you think the US got the population of Camp Delta from storming suburban Chiswick in the dead of night and spiriting away kebab shop owners in unmarked black planes?

    Internment did not work of course but the source of the population, the mentality of the threat and the international dimension were all very different.
  15. I'm not convinced that every member of the camp population in Gitmo was apprehended in the way you say.

    The place and it's procedures are doubtful both in terms of legality AND effectiveness - that cannot be good for the west in the long run.