The Incredible Shrinking Weetabix

Discussion in 'Old & Bold' started by Border_Reiver, Jul 26, 2012.

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  1. The Incredible Shrinking Weetabix

    Anyone else remember the advertising challenge years ago by Weetabix “ Can you eat three ? “ … very clever at the time … well I couldn't but can now and easily and I am no fatty… they have shrunk in size but the price continues to rise for a box . Doubtless some whiz kid could trot out some justification … probably around “ It is part of a policy to reduce obesity “ .

    … and another one … TUC Biscuits which had a cheese filling that came to the edges … seem to have only half the filling now .

    Being ripped off by stealth … any other similar examples ?
  2. Pringles, the tubes were getting half empty before they decided to make the tube smaller.
  3. When I was 5 Curly-Wurlys were massive, easily 5ft long but since I've grown up they too seem to have shrunk.
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  4. Mars bars are about half the thickness they used to be - they were as thick as they were wide at one time.

    However, they now make me feel rather sick so I don't really care.
  5. Perhaps you ate too many and you are now ginormous ,
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  6. And Wagon Wheels would be useful on a real Wagon back in my youth!

    Edit to add:

    Curly Wurlies made most excellent guard rails on MasterPlume's pirate ship birthday cake last year. With Rolos as the cannons sticking out of the hull.
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  7. Three Weetabix no issues but could not even eat one of these bad boys!

  8. Wagon Wheels haven't changed size.

    Burtons Corporate Website
  9. This is so our cousins North of the Border can batter them and still get three side by side in the chip pan
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  10. A Brillo Pad?

    In the words of Eddie Izzard, "C'est un cadeau des Anglais. On s'appelle 'Shredded Wheat'. Un peu du lait, un peu du sucre et on mange, mange, mange et voila. pas des dents..."
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  11. I thought it was Shredded Wheats as in:

    The Three Shredded Wheat advert suggested that the cereal was so nourishing that it was impossible to eat three. Even a black hole was shown as exploding when the third biscuit was sucked into it. Phrases such as I bet you can't eat three and He must have eaten three were in common use as humorous remarks in the 1970s and 1980s, with celebrities such as Brian Clough, Peter Shilton, Richard Kiel and Ian Botham all 'unable' to eat three.
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  12. Look this is posted on the Old and Bold forum for a reason and I am both ...the memory cells are going ... and another thing I am sure a pint of beer has less in it !
  13. Wordsmith

    Wordsmith LE Book Reviewer

    Its a deliberate strategy by manufacturers. Consumer research showed people were sensitive to price increases, but generally didn't notice that there was less product in the container. A lot of jars suddenly got dimpled bottoms for example - so they held 10% - 15% less. Similarly boxed products had the weight of the contents reduced by 5 - 10% while having the price held constant.

    When people eventually began to notice that the products they're buying contain a lot less that they used to, manufacturers responded by completely changing the form of the packaging and releasing the new products with 'special offers' to make it more difficult for consumers to make the price comparison.

    Its because of the way we shop - we can remember the cost of the staple products we buy: milk, bread, eggs, bananas, etc. But we can't remember the exact cost of the bulk of the other 300 odd product types we buy over the course of a year. There's always psychological manipulation going on.

    Here's one of the leading market research companies:

    Nielsen : UK | Neuromarketing

    Lots of very clever people study how you shop.....

  14. Walnut whips, used to have a walnut on top plus one in the middle; the interior one is long gone. When they were making 'Life on Mars' the props dept got hold of a Curly wurly wrapper from the 70s; modern ones were way too small, a letter was sent to the makers, but no reply received.
  15. I'm sure it was Shredded Wheat.

    Try eating them dry, you definitely won't manage three.