the incredible moving collar dogs

Discussion in 'Gunners' started by mastergnr, Aug 30, 2010.

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  1. Hmmm, just wear them as you like. Does anybody actually check our representative at the castle? Slashed peak? Pace stick? Collar dogs at any angle?

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  2. And he's holding an invisible cat in the second photo.
  3. Well I imagine its the only pussy he's gonna get.
  4. I don't think thats right. Did you notice the medals - Golden Jubilee and Territorial Efficiency Medal? Did you notice ACF on the rank slides?

  5. Yes.... The district Gunner is a member of the TA. He is still adorned in Gunner uniform therefore it should be worn correctly.
  6. Jail him!!! :frustrated:
  7. And with the Governor of Edinburgh Castle a Gunner at the moment...


    Get it sorted....
  8. I couldn't agree more!!
  9. Well blow me, where did you get the pic of Mr Williams? Hes a very good friend of mine. He used to be an AI with the cadets but has since gave that up, im sure he'd be pleased to know someone has stalker photos of him :p
  10. If he's your very good friend have a word with him about his collar dogs, sorted.
  11. No not him, i mean the guy in 95's in the last pic. Although i will ask him to pass the message on, while were at it is there anything else you want the old gunner to know
  12. That RA Dress Regs are readily available!!
  13. Please pass onto the ACF lad that he's a fat **** and to the TA lad that he's a STAB **** with no Operational experience whatsoever.

  14. To sort that peak out as well. Damage to uniform I believe?
  15. stan have you passed this up the coc as well as bleeting like a babee on a ******* website. get some balls you tosserr