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Discussion in 'ARRSE: Site Issues' started by Stained_Eligius, May 13, 2006.

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  1. 've been here since almost the dawn of ARRSE and have few posts to my online persona relative to many others. Not a problem as I don't always have an opinion on every post that I read. However, I read a lot of 'in-crowd' one-liner thread-killing drivel and the perpetrators are often ARRSErs with high post counts. To avoid possible intimidation of newer ARRSErs I propose that the post count be hidden. All posts (and their posters) could then stand on their own merit....
  2. Stained, I agree, there is a lot of "cliqueyness". As soon as some people post, it just goes straight to the arrsehole, which is entirely unfair because the people who do post things and want a genuine answer to a genuine question are made to feel like they shouldn't be on ARRSE. Which is wrong, because ARRSE is not made for the people who think they own this place. This site belongs to Bad CO and Good CO. The likes of (no names mentioned) think they own it. Prove them wrong.

    By the way, I disagree with post count thing. IMHO.
  3. Have any of the in-crowd tipped up to a crawl? No.

    Do they suck up to each other? Yes

    Do they get their rocks off at other people's misfortunes? Yes.

    Have they got f uck all else to do? (I'll leave that open to you)
  4. You just put that up to increase your post count
  5. Interesting point. But what do you do about the gongs? For tight fisted gits like me they are directly related to the amount of posts I have up. So, do away with the number of posts by all means - but you'll have to sack the gongs as well......

    There is also a debate to be had about putting up 'date joined'. There are some who would argue that this also has a direct relation to the issues you raise.
  6. Your point being ?

    Aren't you one of those that Stained is alluding to ?

    So fooking what if someone turns up to a 'crawl' or not, we are British Forces - we don't all have empty lives and rely on a website to provide our social life in London at weekends.

    If we have to stand on our own merit, you're history Dale, you and all those weasel civvy hangers-on.
  7. You bring up some reasonable points, but I can't see how ridding post counts or anything will help.

    The cliques would still be there.

    Ultimately this is a community, and in any community there will be circles of friends and the newbies will have to take time to integrate. Unless they are known to other users prior to joining.

    Reference the one line replies that destroy threads or the threads that go to the arrsehole, that is surely up to the mods of the site to remove such replies and/or explain to the newbies why the threads are going. Some of the youngsters on the site, ie the cadets have posted cringworthy threads repeatedly in current affairs or other forums, when perhaps it would have been better for them to post in the ACF forum.
  8. Bloody 'ell. What are you guys all doing on Friday night, when you should be out chugging down a few or chucking them back up?

    Interesting though - I'm new here (and to the whole forum concept) and it didn't take long to understand that there are groups and cliques here... I suppose it's only natural, but it is true that you can get to feel like you shouldn't be here. Unlike Norman the Storeman though, I paid my way into gongs... and I'm proud of it... I always wanted a whole row!!! - the real ones always seem too lonely (in Brit Army anyway)!!!
  9. All seems a bit 'storm and teacup-ish' to me.

    I don't suffer from this 'clickyness' as I have no friends to speak of. I like knowing how long someone has been a member of our deranged little community and the number of posts merely makes me snigger quietly when some utter noob rocks up and start posting complete drivel from Day One. We have many long time lurkers with tiny post counts who only descend from the airy rooftops to add value when needed, and everyone understands this - everyone who has been around a bit, that is. Length of 'service' here means that at the very least, they understand what ARRSE is all about, and you can respect that, even if you don't agree with everything they post. Indeed, it would be pretty boring if we did all agree.

    I can honestly say that I don't give my modest post count much thought, nor anyone elses for that matter. I recognise certain posters avatars and either read or ignore their comments - simple as. Even if I don't particularly agree with them. Quality, not quantity!
  10. GET A F*CKING LIFE!!!!

    Get down the pub and see how many cliques you can spot.

    Does everybody know everybody?
    Does everybody interact with everyone?
    Is everyone equal?
    Are the weaker members of a social group put down by the stronger?
    Look around at work. Is there an "in crowd"?

    This is a Forces online Community. There is always inter Corps/Regt rivalry and banter. We are used to a hierarchal system based on experience and seniority.

    If you don't like it, dont participate. Exercise your right to leave!
  11. and sleep. (sorry was that a one line post?I hope it kills this thread)
  12. Oh. My. God. 8O

    There are cliques here on ARRSE as well!! Run for the hills................. :D :D
  13. Those that post and it goes "straight" into the arrsehole? ever thought that it might be because it has no value to the site in general? so you are saying the moderators are unfair? there is a complaints procedure.

    show me where any amount of people gather and there is not a clique in real life.Is it cliques or are you feeling left out really.

  14. is that a one-liner?
  15. was that one too?