The Implant?

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by Chris1994, Jun 28, 2010.

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  1. Me and my girlfriend are thinking of getting her the implant, ive got a rough idea how it works but frankly i don't care just as long as it does its job and I don’t end up with a fecking kid

    So is the implant a good idea? Upsides? Downsides?

  2. Breast implants are a cracking idea!

    On a more serious note, is this the best place to get advice on contraception?
  3. indeed they are...

    but I figured a forum predominately populated with guys might be able to help me out from experience
  4. No, a few mates of mine have it and it just gives them their period more frequently and where it is hurts and itches constantly, get her on the pill or stick to condoms
  5. i dont trust the pill it failed last year and gave us a pregnacy scare basicly

    as for condoms yeah...but kills it sometimes unfortunately
  6. Fair enough, in that case it all depends on what your wife/gf body is like different strokes for different floks an all that.
    Weight gain/ fluid retention (especially on the arrse) seems to be banded around as a pitfall to the implant too.
  7. If you get the implant,you will find yourself considering soft furnishings in pastel shades as your gonads shrink and your breasts swell like young turtle doves.

    If she gets the implant,then she will turn into an insatiable sex-beast unable to fill the cistern of her lusts without cavorting like a gerbil in heat 10 -20 times a day.

    Hope this helps
  8. Your name suggests your are 16yrs old and you said you had a pregnancy scare last yr making you 15yrs old, do you realise you are dammed to spend all eternity in the fires of hell for your sins? :p
  9. heres an idea, just go out with jarrod instead, no need for an implant ;)
  10. dont worry mate we was both 15 going 16...dont act so surprised we've all seen jeremery kyle...
  11. we just didnt work...
  12. No just plenty of :-[​IMG] :lol:
  13. I forgot to carry my tin can of car grease...
  14. rookie mistake ;)