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The ideal soldier - well, his face actually.............

The top 20 movie soldiers used in the research:

1. Charlie Sheen - Platoon
2. Michael J Fox - Casualties of War
3. Tom Hanks - Saving Private Ryan
4. Martin Sheen - Apocalypse Now
5. Robert De Niro - The Deer Hunter
6. Alec Guiness - Bridge Over The River Kwai
7. Laurence Olivier - Battle of Britain
8. Richard Todd - The Dam Busters
9. Steve McQueen - The Great Escape
10. Sean Penn - The Thin Red Line
11. Matthew Modine - Full Metal Jacket
12. Tom Cruise - Born on the Fourth of July
13. Michael Caine - Zulu/The Eagle Has Landed
14. Josh Hartnett - Black Hawk Down
15. Richard Burton - Where Eagles Dare
16. Mel Gibson - Gallipoli
17. Clint Eastwood - Kelly's Heroes
18. Sylvester Stallone - Rambo
19. John Wayne - The Sands of Iwo Jima/The Longest Day
20. Willem Dafoe - Platoon

Just goes to show that the research is bollox!
Pronto_Mike_Uniform said:
box-of-frogs said:
Pronto_Mike_Uniform said:
Probably better if they had merged faces of real soldiers, not just actors who have played soldiers?
IIRC, Richard Todd was a Soldier in WW2. Didn't he jump or glide into normandy?
True, I should probably have read the list first before making a lemon of meself :oops:
He jumped with the Paras and was part of the force that releived Pegasus Bridge. He was later to play the part of Major John Howard, OBLI, who was in command of the soldiers that held the bridge.
"physically fit and heroic looking. As our selection is based on movies that span a range of decades, "

Oh god help us all, we must all be gay and have fuzzy hair? or is it just me.. but that face with a pink teashirt of leather straps would make me laugh!

What a joke
I would bet more than a months wages that this guy is far more of a "perfect soldier" than any of those Holywood nancies.

and I think he actually, genuinely, was the 2nd man on the balcony!!!
You really have to wonder if there isn't any real news about when you see them 'reporting' on krap like this. What a waste of time, effort and the Internet.

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