The ideal man management model

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by stevie_r, Aug 4, 2003.

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  1. 3 Div Sig Regt. Here's a good idea from a CO incapable of joined up thought.

    1. Have a look at what manning 1 div required and decide you need the same, totally ignore the fact that they were war fighting and you are peace enforcing, totally differnet jobs requiring different manning.

    2. Tell CVHQ you need so many RS op, TSS etc to bring you up to strength and to do your job, these people then come from the TA and leave their life behind for at least 6 months. Some will try and get out of it, but many will be happy and proud to come and do their bit.

    3. Realise you have too much manpower in certain trades, send your regulars home, obviously keep the TA because they have been mobilised for 6 Months.

    4. Dont allow the TA near any CIS system because you mistrust them so much, fling them all in the MT!

    5. Ensure you encourage an "us and Them" culture. Slag the TA off at every opportunity - that will really keep morale up.

    6. Not that you give a toss but most of those volunteers will hand their kit in when they get back- dont worry about that tho because you will have had your pound of flesh by then.

    What a total joke, having run the commcen at BL during Op Resolute II i was happy for every TA body i could get. Cant type girls? not a problem i can still employ you here as opposed to binning you off to the MT.

    And yes, as a former TARA i do know what im on about

    Iron Div? What a joke
  2. 749

    749 Old-Salt

    not bitter then?
  3. a bit, more disgusted than bitter tho
  4. He doesn't sound bitter! :roll:
  5. IS Ski Geek

    IS Ski Geek War Hero Moderator

    Quality London Cabby service Me Thinks!!!!
  6. Stevie, you should get off the fence and tell us whats pis$ing you off mate :wink:
  7. Exactly! Why not tell us what you really think?!!!
  8. Very good boys, thought i had made my feelings clear!

    During my service (as a regular) i held the TA in little regard, until i had the opportunity to work with some on Resolute II; yes some of them are crap but then again so are a number of regulars - every troop has someone you would quite happily choke the living crap out of.

    As my last two posts were with the TA i feel qualified to speak on the TA soldier; there are two types, those who are there purely for the social and the help with their mortgage (the bounty hunters), these are the people who would do anything to avoid a tour. The others are those that feel committed to what they do and will happily go and do their bit, whilst realising that they are obviously not trained to the same standard as their regular counterpart they strive to be as proffesional as possible. Unfortunately, due to the way they are treated, these people often hand their kit in once they get back from ops. Therefore, the TA keeps losing its quality people and retains the bounty hunters.

    And no i am not a member of the TA, anyone out there who knows me might know of my personal interest in this topic though!
  9. Sorry! Was it the TA you were on about?
  10. no, primarily 3 div sigs
  11. Having served 2 tours with the TA you where surely one of the Best "TARAS" the Corps has had, your loss to the Corps will be sorely missed. As for Iraq, incorrect statements serve only to set up a us/them situation. Ex soldiers should know better than to comment on rumours and information given by "Girlfriends/Boyfriends" etc. Any other comments you have on the deployment and use of REG/TA soldiers would be greatly welcomed, as I am sure you can fully understand the situation facing troops deployed in IRAQ from UK.
  12. never said i was one of the best taras the corps had, i felt myself very lucky to reach that position, let us not forget some truly great guys have worn the badge in the corps, i dont include myself amongst them.

    But the simple fact is that people were mobilised in their trade and rank ie 3 div needed a LCpl RS Op, that particular RS Op is now in the MT, its not a rumour, it stems from a deep mistrust of the abilities of the TA.

    Why didnt they mobilise a LCpl driver R Signals?
  13. msr

    msr LE

    What's a 'TARA'?

  14. I totally agree with everything you are saying here Steve, as a PSI at a TA centre at the moment i have had the misfortune to have had a couple of guys mobilised to 3 Div, one of which was given a food handling course when he got there and stuck in the kitchens!

    the other got sent there without the correct level of vetting and has had to be employed elsewhere.

    Now given that i have other guys deployed with 19 Mech too, all of whom are loving every minute of their time out there at the moment (as they are actually doing their job) i find it strange that 2 guys (only talking about the 2 from my troop as others report the same attitude across the regiment) with really good attitudes and career prospects within the TA both send letters back saying how badly they are being treated by the troops at 3 Div.

    Having witnessed it for myself when i went across to Germany last with the Troop, it would seem that there is a really bad attitude towards the TA, it certainly seems to stem from the more junior members of the regulars but it most certainly isnt stamped out.

    If it was total bollox then there wouldnt be careers in jeopardy as there is at the moment over the way the TA are being treated by some of these muppets, and i have it on good authority from Chillwell that they are inundated with complaints at the moment, especially surrounding 3 Div ;)

    The fact is your average TA soldier who volunteers themselves for OPs, has given up his or her time to serve alongside the Regulars, to do their part and to gain experience from the regulars. They bring skills gained from civilian life which in a lot of cases surpass our own and even contemplate joining the Regulars when their tour is finished.

    Surely we should be giving them every opportunity to gain from what we know as Regulars instead of just using them as an opportunity to take the piss?

    Its a shame really because in this day and age with retention as it is, the TA should be used as a stepping stone into the regulars for those that want it, i now have soldiers that have served with 3 Div and who are likely to discharge when they return :(
  15. good post, so its not just my then!!!!!!!!