The Hurt Locker's on tonight C4

Discussion in 'Films, Music and All Things Artsy' started by Shandy123, Oct 22, 2011.

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  1. Shandy123

    Shandy123 War Hero

    I know it got lkambasted on here, but I thought it was pretty good actually, I missed the start, so gonna catch it on Ch4+1 in 15 minutes.

    Might be good watching for anyone interested in EOD, ATO/AT/AS trades to watch?
  2. I'm watching it not impressed so far.
  3. It's a shite film.
  4. Joking right?
  5. woody

    woody LE

    The start is quite good and then it goes progressively madder.
  6. Desperate Dan

    Desperate Dan War Hero

    It's ****
  7. Shaolinpunk

    Shaolinpunk Old-Salt

    I watched it the other day, how annoying, the visuals are great in HD!
  8. CQMS


    Life of Brian's on BBC4.
  9. and the Debt is on mine
  10. Desperate Dan

    Desperate Dan War Hero

    That's NOT ****
  11. thegimp

    thegimp LE

    Its fantasy shit but watchable

    The brit "mercenary" bit is ******* so bad its good
  12. Not enough spent on the home life for me. Leave the shit bit about Capt GungHo and his mates and concentrate on This bit
  13. It is truly cringe worthy, I like the part where they helped the Ex Them contractors.
  14. woody

    woody LE

    True anyone who has ever caught their fingers in a feed tray knows blood doesn't jam weapons.
  15. Shandy123

    Shandy123 War Hero

    Given my signature, that is tempting...