The Hunter

Frank (an American) one day decides to take up hunting, he buys himself a rifle and some ammo and heads off into the wilds.
After about 40 minutes he spots a small bear, takes aim and fires, the bear drops to the ground dead and Frank is delighted! he runs over to the bear to admire his work and, as he's posing with one foot on the ex bear he feels a tap on the shoulder.
Frank turns round to see a large bear standing behind him.
The bear says "what the fuck you playin' at? that's my cousin you've just shot. what the fuck is your name?"
Frank shits his pants "Frank, my name is Frank, I'm really sorry"
"well Frank, you got two choices", says the bear, "either I maul you to death or I use you for rough sex"
seeing a way out Frank say "rough sex"
30 minutes later Frank, in complete agony is sobbing and clawing his way to his car.
it takes Frank 3 weeks to recover and he decides to get his revenge by killing the bear.
next day in the wilds Frank spots the bear and shoots him dead. He runs over and, as he is sticking the boot into the the dead bear, he feels a tap on the shoulder, there, stands an even bigger bear.
"that's my bro you killed, you must be Frank you fucker, you know the score, death or sex"
45 minutes later, screaming in agony, Frank is crawling back to the car.
After two months recovering Frank decides to kill the bear and, the very next day, does just that.
As he's jumping up and down on the bear and laughing like a maniac he gets a tap on the shoulder.
Frank turns to face the biggest bear he's ever seen.
The bear says "let's face it Frank, you ain't here for the huntin'!"

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