The humble sandwich

While reading an old review of the 'New' F-14 Tomcat I got diverted to a Web Archive Site that appears to have 583 Billion archived pages available. Why am I posting this on a Butty thread you may wonder.

It's because I found this:

The Up to date Sandwich Book. from 1909.

400 Butty recipes available to download in E-Pub, Mobi, or PDF.

It's well worth a look.
Not technically a sandwich by Arrse Quality Control standards, but just had left over roast beef thinly sliced and stuffed into a mini baguette thing with horse radish.


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In the early 70s, Tudor crisps in the NE trialled kipper flavour...unsurprisingly, they weren't a success.
They also did ( I think it was Tudor) Bacon and egg and fish and chip flavours. I remember buying them at a shop on the Whiteleas estate South Shields.
Continuing the theme that anything 'left over' can be the filling in a toastie. Having had girasoli in truffle and mushroom sauce the evening before, the leftovers went between two slices of wholemeal to produce this:


The makings:




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