The humble sandwich

I wonder if subway would mind if I brought my own split baguette and asked them to fill it.
I wouldn't bother.

Only ever had one of their offerings which can best be described as half a dozen ingredients tasting of nothing in a roll that- surprise surprise- tasted of sweet fa.
Bread in a can anyone?

Try stacking this one up:
Slice of white bread buttered
Slices of ox tongue
Slice of toasted granary bread (buttered if you want)
Egg mayonnaise with a little mustard in the mix, bit of salt and pepper.
A few strands of rocket somewhere
Slice of white bread buttered

Eggs chopped and mixed with the mayo/mustard, or sliced and mayo spread on, doesn’t matter.

Pour a dark beer and get it down your neck. Wonderful!!
A couple of pickled onions on the side.


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I'm not eating meat anymore so Red pepper houmous on toasted and well buttered white sourdough bread with watercress on top is my go to snack.
It's still not a fackin' sandwich though, is it?
I wonder if subway would mind if I brought my own split baguette and asked them to fill it.

Chuck a whole load of veg in a bucket of vinegar for a few days and use that, along with the cheapest and crappiest plastic cheese and meats available. Better bread will probably improve the experience.


Had a minor twist on the classic bacon and egg today.

Fried the eggs in a green pesto, the olive oil in which substituted for the normal globs of butter I use. Used extra thick, smoked treacle bacon and shoved it all into some soft tiger bread.

Winner. Changes the taste enough to be different but remains familiar. Remember to flip those eggs for a runny yolk, and be circumspect on the amount of pesto.

Certainly a more successful than the tortellini sandwich I attempted last week.
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Just had for lunch
Two slices white bread, buttered and mayonnaised
Sliced avocado
two slices unsmoked back bacon fried with some cherry tomatoes
sprinkle of chilli flakes, black pepper
Breakfast sarnie today, with extra bacon fat - ‘Chefs’ privilege! :-D

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