The humble 43

Discussion in 'Tanks, planes & ships' started by PapaGolf, Jul 24, 2011.

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  1. Tonights Top Gear showed that it can still hold its own after 40 years. Just don't drive it for 8 hours down an autobahn
  2. The harpoon is a new mod on me! But there again having a penthouse was much better.
  3. They must of edited about 16 hours of footage there.... the Frog will have dropped it's oil and hydraulic fluid about 19 times during that period.
  4. It was sad to see all that equipment just sat there ready to be flogged.
  5. And as usual the crane on the 4 was just for show, as the lockouts were probably knackered!
  6. I really hope they follow up on the 1970's detective show, i would happily watch that, nice Sten gun james!
  7. It was sad to see that Withams have better maintained Rovers than my regiment.
  8. I looked at all that I couldn't help thinking what a waste of money. The rover Hammond was drooling over is certainly in at least 5000000% better condition that every other shit heap I've come across. The last one I drove was older than me.

    I chuckled at 94000 careful miles though. Ok Richard, whatever you want to believe (yes I know it was said in jest).